Federal courthouse in Portland repeatedly attacked by leftist activists, no media outcry of ‘domestic terrorism’

When right-leaning supporters of former President Donald Trump poured into the U.S. Capitol in January, the invasion of the federal building was loudly decried by Democrats and many in the media as an attack on democracy, and all of the participants — whether actual violent rioters or legitimately peaceful protesters — were labeled as “insurrectionists” and smeared as “domestic terrorists.”

Yet, when the federal courthouse building in Portland, Oregon was violently assaulted for the umpteenth time over the past week, as reported by Breitbart, the incident was met with relative silence from the same people who have still not stopped clutching pearls over the Capitol debacle. 

Interestingly, the rioters in Portland on Thursday — reported to be affiliated with Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other left-leaning activist groups — were confronted and pushed back not by Portland police, but by federal agents. However, the same individuals who decried those federal agents using the same riot control tactics as fascist stormtroopers in 2020 were, once again, oddly quiet this time around.

Fence removal prompts renewed attacks

The Oregonian reported that the recent incident at the federal courthouse in Portland involved a few dozen black-clad rioters who repeatedly launched assaults against the building and the federal agents assigned to protect it, including those attackers setting multiple fires, smashing out glass windows, and vandalizing the exterior of the property with graffiti.

Perhaps the most ironic aspect of the entire debacle is the fact that those attacks were launched just hours after the security fencing and barriers around the building were removed, proving, in essence, the need for those security measures that were erected last year to help defend against repeated and coordinated assaults on the building.

Even more preposterous is the fact that the removal of the barriers and fencing was cited by some of the rioters as a reason for the subsequent attacks and defacement of the building just hours later.

Other reasons cited by activists for the attack were an oil pipeline from Alberta, Canada to Wisconsin — which has absolutely nothing to do with Portland, Oregon — and the impending trial in Minneapolis of the ex-cop accused of killing George Floyd, which was an issue that was seized upon in 2020 by leftist activists and rioters as giving license to loot and destroy and wreak havoc nationwide.

The attackers are known, but nothing is done

Local CBS affiliate KOIN reported that, despite the clashes between rioters and federal agents outside the courthouse on Thursday, or perhaps because of them, more demonstrations — which will almost certainly result in more violence and vandalism — were planned for the city over the weekend.

Interestingly, the outlet noted that Robert King, a senior public safety adviser to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, said that the group leading these repeated assaults against the federal building were “self-described anarchists” — in other words, likely members of Antifa and affiliated leftist organizations.

King also said that the mayor’s office was reaching out to the new acting U.S. Attorney with jurisdiction over Portland to discuss ways in which the individuals conducting the attacks could be held accountable for their actions.

Here’s an idea: Maybe instead of consistently dropping charges or looking the other way and excusing these planned assaults on federal property, the rioters could be labeled as “insurrectionists” and “domestic terrorists” and prosecuted accordingly — unless, of course, such treatment is only reserved for those on the right who supported the former president.

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21 Responses

      1. I have a car and I will drive down there to pick you up to go follow them.

        I would love to give some hardcore payback to the antifa blm crowd.

  1. This has got to stop! It is all getting just ridiculous! Looting,burning,vandalism and rioting are looked at by the left as “peaceful protest” and ignored and swept under the rug yet any gathering of conservatives is viewed as “insurectionists”.No one has the right to violent protests no matter what the excuse is!

    1. If you want it to stop you have to start shooting. It stops overnight if a bunch of them get killed for their domestic terrorist attacks on public buildings.

      you know if you try to get around the security in those buildings during the day they will shoot you. Weird aye!

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  3. Pelosi will have a Taxpayer Paid survey done on how the Pacific Ocean Air affects West Coasters. She will eventually declare that the Ocean is the real terrorist and Joe will have someone write up an EO to defund Antifa. Another successful right to the point EO strikes again.

  4. Only Republicans get arrested! The Democrats are traitors to this country and the American people need to take their country back from this insane President

  5. These groups are the army of this fraudulent regime. These ppl hate their own country. And a lot are paid by Soros. The behavior is that of a sociopath.

  6. I agree with everyone who’s commented so far. And you are all correct. I like things done quickly generally, so shooting a couple of ’em would get the point over. Failing that move the National Guard and fencing from DC to Portland……….and THEN shoot ’em.

  7. Undoubtedly a wonderful written piece! Weve book marked it and mailed it out to pretty much all of my close friends simply because I know they are going to fascinated, thank you very much!

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