Federal investigation into Hunter Biden remains ‘active and ongoing’: Sources

Ahead of President Joe Biden’s inauguration, his son Hunter confirmed he was the subject of a federal investigation, leading to speculation regarding whether that probe would continue under the new administration.

According to unnamed sources said to be “familiar” with the investigation, however, the case against Hunter Biden remains “active and ongoing” and has not faced interference from the Biden White House.

“Treating it seriously”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware is the headquarters for the Hunter Biden probe, and those investigators assigned to the case are “treating it seriously,” sources say.

As the insiders noted, the office had not been contacted by either the White House or Merrick Garland, Joe Biden’s nominee to become attorney general.

U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who heads the Delaware office, was reportedly asked by the Biden administration to remain in the position even as most other U.S. attorneys were asked to resign upon President Biden entering office, however.

For his part, Garland faced questions related to the matter during his recent Senate confirmation hearing.

He insisted that the incoming president had made it “abundantly clear” that he would not interfere in any Justice Department probes and would leave all decisions up to federal prosecutors.

“Proceeding discreetly”

Garland also said that, as far as he had been briefed on the matter prior to being cleared for confirmation, the Hunter Biden investigation was “proceeding discreetly.”

In a December statement released through his father’s campaign, the younger Biden acknowledged that his “tax affairs” were at the center of the federal probe. Nevertheless, he expressed confidence that his finances had been handled “legally and appropriately” and that an investigation would clear his name.

The investigation was reportedly launched in 2018, at which time it was focused, at least in part, on allegations of money laundering and other tax crimes.

Information subsequently leaked to the media from a discarded laptop believed to have belonged to Hunter Biden is also being considered in the probe, according to the New York Post.

While there are still plenty of concerns among critics that the current White House will seek to interfere or shut down the investigation, the latest updates indicate that it has not happened yet.

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    2. Ditto. Hunter needs to get a good “view” of the audience ad his “hanging”, so, hang him high!. Invite daddy to the front row, unless, of course, daddy’s “out to lunch” with his dementia.

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  2. I do not believe that Puppet Biden will not interfere with the investigation regarding his son Hunter. Attorney General Weiss was asked to stay on, for a reason ( pay back for keeping his position ) and I am certain that Mr. Weiss will not bring out for the public consumption, the horrible deeds of Hunter Biden & his father Puppet Biden. The corruption grows and I am afraid that the truth will only be swept under the RUG…DEMOCRATS hoping that most citizens are too depressed with personal issues and this COVID 19, that Hunter Biden will not be an important issue, and that is what the Bidens are praying for! Please do not forget that the BIDENS sold out this country, for the growth of their personal bank accounts, while the country and its citizens are struggling…

  3. Joe Bidens tax records should be reviewed. It was stated that the deals Hunter was involved in that 10% were to be held for the big guy Joe Biden. This $ would be held in an account outside the US possibly China

  4. Garland is very bias, we don’t want people like him in our goverment, his views are anti American, and also i hope in the near future we can kick Biden out of office along with Harris.

  5. Give me a break, who is kidding who. Do they really believe everyone is that dumb. They are not doing anything and will not!

    1. Yes, they do believe we’re that dumb because too many are that dumb. Not to mention the MSM covered it up & I know people that believed the Russian misinformation narrative. There you have it. BTW, I tried to set them straight & they wouldn’t listen!! 😒

  6. Hunter Biden needs to be charged with braking the laws of this country and arrested and put in jail.

  7. As long as the Democrats are in control nothing will happen to any of the law breaking Democrats . And if any one of them does go to prison Biden will just parole them including his crime partner son Hunter. And when Biden plan to retire happens then Kamala will continue to pardon the rest of the crooked Democrats as they have been proven guilty. The Democrats plan is for all of them to go free after they have taken over everything.

  8. Sure just like Ukraine don’t we have a video of Joe Biden bragging about holding Aid back unless they fired the prosecutor that was investigating his son….wait a minute…. isn’t that the same crime the Democrats tried to impeach a sitting president for…..????
    Exactly why Joe Biden will never be a real president

  9. The whole left is nothing but criminals who get by with all sorts of s—. This will go on for the next 4 years. The Republicans are not the type to stand up to them and they know it. We have stood by and let them do all the things they have without uttering one word. I guess we on the right need to “suck it up” until these 4 years are gone. If we are still here and of right mind maybe we can win in 2024! Have to wait and see.

  10. If anyone believes that this fake investigation against scum Hunter is going to go against him and Big Joe then I have some swamp land to sell you in Fla.
    The deep state now is in charge if all of Washington and beyond.


  12. Thats some quality basics there, already know some of that, but you can always learn . I doubt a “kid” could put together such information as dolphin278 suggested. Maybe he’s just attempting to be controversial lol

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