Federal labor union deletes press release touting Biden’s help in recruiting members

He may not have time to look after the southern border, but Joe Biden has plenty of time to pay off his supporters.

The career politician has been caught in yet another patronage scandal. According to the Center Square, a federal labor union deleted a press release thanking Biden for help recruiting members. 

Biden was caught helping federal unions recruit

Biden’s Office of Personnel Management made changes to the FedScope database, which contains information about the federal workforce, to make it easier for federal unions to find new members, the Center Square reported.

The National Federation of Federal Employees spilled the beans in a now-deleted press release thanking Biden for the help. The union, which has 100,000 current members, said it was able to identify some 300,000 non-unionized workers.

The union said they “specifically requested assistance in identifying the hundreds of thousands of unrepresented government workers, and today OPM delivered.” But after the Center Square’s report, the press release was taken down.

Maxford Nelsen, a labor policy expert at the Freedom Foundation, speculated that the union “spoke out of turn.”

“It’s interesting that neither the federal government nor the other major federal employee unions boasted about how the Office of Personnel Management was working with them to increase the unionization of federal employees,” he said.

More sleazy patronage?

Biden is essentially using taxpayer dollars to grow the ranks of the Democratic party, Nelsen pointed out. Unions are known for supporting Democrats.

“Helping unions identify organizing targets in the federal workforce not only enlists taxpayers in promoting private, politically active organizations opposed to their interests, but exposes the reality that much union organizing comes from the top down,” Nelsen said.

This Labor Day, Biden — who is known to have ties to Big Labor — will travel to Milwaukee and Pittsburgh to meet with union leaders including Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers, known for her role in keeping schools closed over COVID and support of critical race theory.

This comes as “Scranton Joe” sends billions of dollars and counting in taxpayer dollars to Ukraine (where his son Hunter is known to have engaged in unsavory business dealings), all while reaching into taxpayers’ pockets ahead of the midterms to buy votes with an edict forgiving student loan debt.

Sleazy? Sure, but for a guy who has been working in Washington his entire life, it’s just business as usual.