Federalist says Biden administration likely spying on Americans with or without disinformation board

A new piece published by The Federalist Monday contends that whatever finally becomes of the Biden administration’s disinformation board, they will still be spying on Americans.

Writer Adam Turner noted that DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas promised not to spy on Americans when he spoke earlier this month about the disinformation board, but said it was hard to take the promise seriously in light of the spying on Carter Page and reports on “widespread disinformation” in a terrorism memo circulated earlier this year.

And before those examples, Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA was collecting massive amounts of records on ordinary Americans, and a pair of Republican senators got documents on a secret CIA spying operation that included data collection on Americans, which is illegal.

Congress has not stopped or even addressed most of these examples of spying, Turner said, which gives Americans no reason to believe that the government will stop its spying activities any time soon. Why would it?

Good point

Turner’s point, that there is more to be concerned about than the disinformation board, is a good one.

The government was spying on Americans long before the DHS created that board, long before they got a hypocritical censorer to head it up, and will likely be doing so long after that board bites the dust along with its fearless leader.

When the government decides to let its officials call whatever information they don’t like disinformation, it makes a sham of the entire process, whether or not there’s a board to govern it.

And let’s face it, former President Donald Trump did this on Twitter way better than Biden does, which is probably why they came up with the idea for a board in the first place.

Banning disagreement

Everything Trump didn’t like was “fake news,” and everything Biden doesn’t like is “disinformation.”

The difference is, Trump left his opinions mostly on Twitter and in press conferences, where Biden wants to ban anyone from disagreeing. Without a doubt, that’s where his disinformation board and his memos about parents at school board meetings are going.

If Democrats can gain the right to determine what is disinformation and what is not, then they will be able to punish people who don’t parrot their narrative.

And the disinformation board is only one step in that whole plan.

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