Fencing set to be removed from Capitol, though public access will remain limited

In the months since a violent riot in D.C., extensive fencing has been erected around the Capitol building complex.

Although the structure is set to be removed, Capitol Police issued a memo this week confirming that access to Capitol Hill will remain severely limited.

“Cramming all this stuff through”

The fencing has served as a menacing visual symbol of what some conservatives have referred to as “Fort Pelosi,” referencing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her party’s call for continued police and military presence in the area.

Although the barrier was initially a response to perceived security threats, pressure has mounted in recent weeks for it to be removed.

U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) recently voiced his concerns, asserting: “No constituents can come and see us. No groups or organizations can come and see us. Nobody can sit in the gallery and watch us. They’re not having regular committee hearings. They’re cramming all this stuff through.”

Last week, officials announced that demolition of the fence would begin soon since there was no “known, credible threat against Congress or the Capitol Complex that warrants the temporary security fencing.”

Despite that update, Capitol Police warned congressional staffers this week that the building will remain closed to the public. Instead, staffers and visitors will be able to access the grounds through barricaded checkpoints with inner fencing set to remain even after the exterior barriers are taken down.

“People unconsciously assume”

Furthermore, National Guard troops stationed near Capitol Hill are expected to remain deployed until at least May.

The elevated security measures have been justified on the grounds that there could be residual threats of “domestic terror” following the Jan. 6 siege of the Capitol building.

Nevertheless, the situation has led to bipartisan backlash and legislation in the Senate to pre-emptively ban any permanent fencing from going up around the complex.

Last week, the New York Post editorial board argued against the continued presence of troops in the nation’s capital.

“Bringing in the Guard in the immediate aftermath of Jan. 6 made some sense,” the editorial concluded. “But now the needless militarization simply feeds more fear — as people unconsciously assume it means there’s some real threat out there.”

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8 Responses

  1. Tyrants need protection right ? They didnt even care about the guard that they had there so why do you think they care about the citizens!!!

  2. Can you imagen that, a fence to keep us out and off the white house lawn but none on the US boarder . What good idea ! Piece of s—.

    1. I think Piglosi and Schmucker are worried because they Know they are screwing over the American Citizens.
      I hope the Illegals show up on their doorsteps . The Mansions they live in , could house quite a few and save the Country tons of money !

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  4. Agree with all posts! The real threat is within the halls of congress! It is called Piglosi! SHE is the national security threat, the enemy in the house! We need protection from her, not the other way around!

  5. Take those fences down along with the barbed wired an take it to the southern border to fill in where they stopped presidents trumps Great Wall to keep out these freeloaders from coming in. Also take all the national guard down there also to help out These senators an politicians. Need to realize those buildings in Washington. Belong to the American people. We pay taxes to keep them going. It is not Pelosi s to govern over. Let Americans go back to a normal way of life before the democrats took over and abused their power.

  6. Of course there was no threat to DC cause Nancy had it all staged to look like a riot. What a joke & waste of our money!! Another hoax by Pelosi!

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