Fetterman already suing over election results

Pennsylvania Democratic candidate for Senator John Fetterman’s campaign has already filed a lawsuit against the state’s election officials to demand including undated absentee ballots to be counted in the midterms.

The legal action comes a week after the state’s Supreme Court ordered Pennsylvania to withhold counting such ballots.

The lawsuit

“Pennsylvania requires all voters who submit ballots by mail to ‘fill out, date and sign the declaration’ on the envelope in which the ballot is placed,” Fox News reported.

“The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the Fetterman campaign filed the lawsuit in a Pittsburgh federal court and was joined by the Democrats’ U.S. House and Senate campaign arms. Also included in the suit were two Democratic voters from Erie County who submitted undated mail-in ballots,” it added.

The fear

“Democrats are traditionally much more likely to vote ahead of the election by mail, while Republicans are more likely to vote on Election Day,” The Hill reported.

“The race between Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz is expected to be one of the closest Senate races in the country and could determine which party will control a majority in the Senate,” it added.

The legal action could potentially delay the final results of the Senate race in the state.

However, if Oz wins, it would give Republicans a potential advantage in the Senate, also making him the first Muslim background senator.

The drama continues as votes are cast on Election Day in one of the nation’s biggest political battles. The issue could spill over, with the winner not announced for several days following the election in the state’s ongoing battleground for the Senate.