Fetterman calls on supporters to ‘send us back to New Jersey’ in verbal slip

Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman faces mounting questions about his health as he recovers from a stroke.

In his latest on-camera verbal slip, Fetterman urged Pennsylvanians to “send us back to New Jersey.”

So many slips

It seems likely that Fetterman had meant to say, “send Oz back to New Jersey.” Fetterman’s campaign has primarily focused on portraying Republican rival Dr. Oz as a carpetbagger.

But Fetterman got confused while reciting his talking points during a speech in Indiana County.

Speaking with noticeable difficulty, he said, “Send us back to New Jersey. Send me to D.C. for you.”

It’s not the first time Fetterman has gotten New Jersey and Washington confused. While campaigning on Labor Day, he said, “I can champion the union way of life in Jersey. Excuse me… In DC.”

Pressure mounts on Fetterman

While Fetterman once enjoyed a comfortable lead, the race has tightened as Oz puts pressure on Fetterman to demonstrate he is fit to serve.

Oz has said that Fetterman uses his stroke as an excuse to dodge legitimate scrutiny. After initially rejecting a debate offer, Fetterman committed to just one debate two weeks before Election Day, on October 25 in Harrisburg.

Early voting will be well underway by that point.

“It’s a debate that Fetterman insisted be delayed until only two weeks remain in the campaign, to keep voters in the dark as long as possible,” Oz’s campaign said. “And it’s a debate in which Fetterman insisted on accommodations for his health condition, accommodations that are not permitted on the U.S. Senate floor.”

Despite Fetterman’s visible challenges with speaking, his campaign insists he is healthy, but they have refused to release the results of a cognitive test.