Fetterman needed teleprompter to understand interviewer’s questions

Pennsylvania Senate Candidate John Fetterman, currently the lieutenant governor, needed a teleprompter to understand an MSNBC interviewer’s questions and answer them, exposing the extent of his ongoing impairment following a stroke in May. 

The reporter, Dasha Burns, said that Fetterman had trouble making small talk before the interview and that he seemed to have trouble understanding the conversation.

It wasn’t clear whether he was being fed responses to the questions as well, but that’s entirely possible.

Fetterman stumbled over the word “empathetic,” and he said “no” in response to a question about whether he would show up to debate his Republican opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz on October 25. Five seconds later, he said, “Yeah, of course I’m going to show up on the 25th.”

Is Fetterman mentally competent?

It’s pretty clear that Fetterman is not mentally competent to sit in the Senate, no matter what his political affiliation.

He was pretty much a lock to get the seat before the stroke because a lot of Republicans didn’t like Oz, but now it has become a close race, with Fetterman only up three points.

While early and absentee voting will have started before the two candidates debate, that could still have an impact on in-person voting.

Hopefully, Democrats are questioning whether Fetterman is fit to hold public office and enough will wait until after the debate to cast their votes.

Repeating Biden mistake

The truth is that electing Fetterman will repeat what can now be seen as the obvious mistake of electing Biden even though he seemed impaired.

Biden isn’t making his own decisions now, if he ever was. It will be the same with Fetterman, and the Democrat progressive machine will make all of the decisions about Fetterman’s positions and votes.

He and his sweatshirts need to fade into obscurity, or at least sit out if and until he completely recovers from the stroke and has the complete use of all his faculties.