Fetterman says cognitive test revealed normal function, but he won’t document it

Pennsylvania Senate Candidate John Fetterman (D), who suffered a stroke in May, has reportedly taken a cognitive test that revealed normal brain functioning but refused to provide documentation of any results of the test media outlets, including Democrat-friendly Philadelphia Inquirer.

Not only did Fetterman’s campaign not show any proof of the supposedly normal test results, but they refused even to tell the Inquirer who performed the test and scored it.

Fetterman’s cognitive state is in question because he has stumbled through several speeches in recent weeks, sounding incoherent and not making sense much of the time.


Does the Fetterman campaign really believe that voters are just going to take it on their word that he passed this cognitive test and vote for him when he can barely string two sentences together?

He sounds worse than President Joe Biden, who has also gotten away with claiming to have taken a cognitive test without showing any proof of normal results but struggles to make it through speeches and appearances.

Unfortunately, the race could end up being a mirror of the 2020 presidential race, since state voters do not seem to look at Fetterman’s opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, any more favorably than national voters looked at Trump in that race.

It isn’t so much that people like Fetterman or think he’s fit to serve, but Pennsylvania’s Democrat voters, which outnumber Republicans, prefer Fetterman’s policy positions to Oz’s more conservative leanings. The latest poll has Fetterman up nine points on Oz despite Fetterman’s recent cognitive stumbles.

Important race

Trump’s backing may also be a detraction rather than a help for many moderate voters in the divided state, making Oz’s base less strong than it otherwise might be.

The winner of the race will replace Sen. Pat Toomey (R), who started out conservative but seemed to become more moderate as his time in office increased. Toomey was also not a fan of Trump.

While Oz is not the best candidate the party could have put out there by a long shot, are Republicans really going to continue to reward Democrats when they put up candidates who are clearly impaired?

We can’t let Democrats get away with this type of governance. Cognitive ability and stability should matter more than ideology in any race, and the person who is elected needs to be more than a figurehead while party operatives make the real decisions and actually run the show.