Limbaugh’s final show of the year met with harsh rebuke by leftist critics

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh wrapped up his final show of the year this week, marking 32 years that his syndicated program has been on the airwaves.

He included an update on his battle with terminal cancer, thanking his fans and family for their support — but some of his detractors did not pass up the opportunity to express their thoughts on the veteran broadcaster.

“His legacy is shameful”

Shannon Watts, who heads up the gun-control organization Moms Demand Action, was among them, as reported by the Daily Wire.

She referred to Limbaugh as “a demagogue who got rich off of hate speech, division, lies and toxicity” in a tweet following the host’s final show of the year.

“I have compassion for anyone suffering from cancer, but despite his illness, Limbaugh just kept doubling down on his bet against democracy,” Watts added. “His legacy is shameful. Good riddance.”

Charlotte Clymer, a transgender activist and writer, accused Limbaugh of inflicting “incalculable and enduring damage to our democracy, our sense of national community, and the honor of our country.”

Clymer’s tweet on the matter concluded by insisting that such “disgusting bigotry and cynicism” should not be allowed in the U.S., adding: “I’m glad he’s off the air. We’re the better for it.”

“Good riddance to bad rubbish”

David Weissman, an ex-Republican political activist who previously supported President Donald Trump, was no less harsh in his assessment, asserting that he had “no empathy” for the ailing Limbaugh.

“I’m glad he’s not coming back on the air,” he tweeted. “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

Countless others chimed in with their own vitriolic posts. For his part, though, Limbaugh’s perspective was notably different during Wednesday’s broadcast.

“My point in all of this today is gratitude,” he told listeners in an emotional moment. “My point in all of this is to say thanks and tell everybody involved how much I love you from the bottom of a sizable and growing and still-beating heart.”

Limbaugh provided some transparency into his continuing battle, acknowledging that he “wasn’t expected to make it to October, and then to November, and then to December,” but noting that he is “feeling pretty good” despite it all.

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