‘These are fire alarms’: Carlson claims Democrats plan to wage ‘war’ on Trump voters

Many pundits on the left have portrayed the inauguration of President Joe Biden as an opportunity to unite a deeply fractured nation.

Rather than accept victory with grace, however, Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson claims that the left is planning a “war” against tens of millions of conservatives across the United States.

“Weren’t just wrong or misguided”

He sent the bracing on-air message on Tuesday evening amid alarming new calls from some on the left for renewed opposition to homegrown terror.

The segment began with Carlson’s assertion that progressives should be “thrilled” that Trump is leaving office instead of being preoccupied with “revenge” against the former president’s supporters.

According to the host’s argument, a disturbing trend on the left involves likening Trump’s voters to “domestic terrorists” in the wake of a deadly riot on Capitol Hill earlier this month.

Democrats now seem to view Trump’s base like the “Trotskyites” and “kulaks” purged by former Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin.

“The leaders of the Democratic Party have now decided that 74 million Trump voters weren’t just wrong or misguided,” Carlson said. “These 74 million Trump voters are in fact terrorists.”

“It is war they’re planning”

The host went on to point out leftist figures who have started comparing Trump’s base to Islamist groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda. Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her allies have called for a 9/11-style commission to investigate the Capitol riot.

Connecting the recent developments to a broader “totalitarian” trend of censorship, Carlson called out progressive leaders like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for calls for deprogramming “white supremacists” supposedly making up the right-wing base.

In reference to newly inaugurated President Joe Biden, the host suggested that he is “fading” and unable to hold radical leftists in check. Even Republican leaders like Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) are “too busy attacking Trump voters” to focus on the nation’s future.

Carlson concluded by imploring “reasonable people” in the Democratic Party to “call off the war” being waged against conservatives.

“And it is war they’re planning,” he said. “A 9/11 commission, blanket censorship, mass arrests. ‘Deprogramming.’ These are not subtle indicators. These are fire alarms. It’s time for the victors to accept their victory, to forgive the team they beat, and to move on.”

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28 Responses

  1. BRING IT ON!! I am a proud Trump supporter and always will be. The 2020 election was FRAUDULENT. Bitme and his Administration just only want to bring this country down. I really hope that Bitme and his b.tch Karela meet a very tragic end.

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  3. A fraudulent, corrupt election to carry out a COUP D’ETAT IN THE USA .

    IT CANNOT STAND. IT WILL FALL. WHEN, we do not know yet.

    1. We are nothing like Pelosi says. Trump had nothing to do with the Capital riot. That was brought on by BLM and Antifa and who ever decided to follow. I say the Dems put them up to it to make Trump look bad. She hates him! Now she wants to impeach him on something he had nothing to do with! Give me a break. You can’t impeach a civilian. It’s against the Constitution!

      1. Pelosi had this all planed out months ago. Her own son in law was taking a selfie with the guy with the horns on his head. Still haven’t heard anyone bring that up.

      2. But they (EVIL Dems-Left) don’t believe in the Constitution and won’t have to abide by it because they are “above the Law,” even above the Law of the Land (ie, the US Constitution). They are protected by all other facets of Fed. authority such as FBI, CIA, maybe the Military, and so forth.

        He**, they have already taken away most of 1A (e.g., look at the persecution of churches in CA and NY) and next, will work harder than ever in removing 2A. After that, shredding the rest of the Const. will be easy. After removing 1A and 2A, they can then put Conservatives into “reprogramming-re-education camps” as was done by Hitler’s Nazis. Who knows what … after that?! 😢😭

        We still have 2A, more or less, so arm yourselves, Patriots, and be ready to protect your own. Lord have Mercy! 🙏

  4. Prayers are more powerful than President Stolen and his followers. Wether Dems, media etc. CINO… Catholic in Name Only.

  5. Does anyone really believe this was an honest election? The goal across both parties is to protect the image of “a free and fair election.” Remember they are mostly lawyers who know that “perception leads to presumption,” if you say a lie enough times people will believe anything. The insurrection was based on and continues is by the Democrats, Hillary, Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Upchuck Schumer, AOC etc. Thanks to the media and our education system we have a generation of educated idiots, the world is laughing at us. There is no “equal justice under the law,” the Supreme Court has shown itself to be a group of pansy elitist attorneys scared of their own shadow. NSA, FBI, & CIA are equally as complicit in the greatest crime in electoral history. The NSAs learned ignorance is not even remotely believable. We are now a “Government for the Government by the Government,” I fought to defend the Constitution in one war and I’m not to old to fight in this one. The Biden-Harris stench will forever be a black eye of this Republic.

  6. Who you support is your absolute right, but living in the “real” world is something one needs to do. Until you get “reality” anything that you choose to participate in or comment on is a waste of time, unless you are taking up residence in a sanitarium.

  7. The left is so blinded by their hate, they have become even more irrational. If they go through with the Trump impeachment, then going after Obama shouldn’t surprise them. It’s not retribution, it is the precedent the Democrats are setting.

  8. What happened to the party of tolerance? What they are professing now against conservatives is not different that what happened in Germany in the 1930’s. We need to be very afraid of these developments.

  9. There is going to be a new Party we can follow, It will be the Patriots party, with Trump behind it. If he gets this gong I`m going to join.

  10. 2024 Trump will be elected remember what comes around right back at you so do what all citizens want because we all pay your very generous check. Go to work and make America great

  11. The present trend is very negative for our great country. Where were these people when there were riots, burning and looting all over the country during most of 2020? What about the BLM and ANTIFA groups creating havoc and fighting with pro Trump groups? All of a sudden this one riot in DC which is being blamed on the Trump supporters, had nothing to do with with Trump. It is all fabricated lies.


  13. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her allies have called for a 9/11-style commission to coverup the Capitol riot.

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