Fired Google executive files lawsuit alleging sexual harassment, gender and race discrimination

 January 29, 2023

A former executive at Google had his employment terminated by the Big Tech firm in August 2022 -- a move that they alleged was due to their gender and race, the Daily Mail reported.

That fired executive, a White male named Ryan Olohan, also linked his termination to the sexual harassment and retaliation he claimed to have been subjected to from another executive, an Asian female named Tiffany Miller, and that Google did nothing to address the reported wrongdoings.

As such, he has now filed a federal lawsuit alleging sexual harassment, discrimination based on gender and race, and retaliation, all of which violate certain federal, state, and local laws in New York.

Claim of sexual harassment

According to the initial complaint filed in the Southern District of New York in November by Olohan, he was first hired by Google in 2007 as an Account Executive and steadily worked his way up the corporate ladder with numerous promotions and routine positive performance reviews until finally, in 2019, he received his last promotion to the position of Managing Director -- Food, Beverage, and Restaurants.

His troubles began shortly thereafter at a December 2019 dinner for members of his management team at a restaurant named Fig & Olive, at which Miller, the Director of Programmatic Media, was present.

Olohan alleged that a drunken Miller had rubbed his abdomen, complimented his physique, complained of the lack of "spice" in her own marriage, and made note of Olohan's attraction to Asian women -- a reference to Olohan's Asian wife, with whom he has fathered seven children.

He asserted that he was "extremely uncomfortable" by Miller's behavior, which others at the dinner dismissed as being alcohol-related and "Tiffany just being Tiffany."

Reported incidents of retaliation and more harassment

The complaint went on to allege that Olohan reported the sexual harassment incident to Google's Human Resources department the very next week and claimed that the HR employee he spoke with had "openly admitted" that the complaint would be "escalated" if the same situation had been reported "in reverse" -- yet nothing happened.

That is when the alleged retaliation began from Miller who, spurned by his rejection of her advance, began to openly criticize Olohan in front of their colleagues and file HR complaints about supposed "microaggressions" that even the HR department dismissed as Miller simply "being petty," but which still left him dealing with "anxiety" and the assumption that he was "on probation."

The problems did not end there, though, as Olohan further alleged another incident at a December 2021 party in which Miller "drunkenly rebuked" him in front of other Google employees, which led to her being removed from the situation, HR reports filed by others about the incident, and an apology from Miller about her behavior.

Then, during an April 2022 gathering of Google employees at a karaoke bar, Olohan alleged that a "visibly intoxicated" Miller again sexually harassed him by again remarking upon his physique and attraction to Asian women in front of other co-workers. Around that same time, he also alleged that Miller prompted other employees to file HR complaints against Olohan claiming that he wasn't "inclusive" -- complaints that Google knew stemmed directly from Miller's hostile and retaliatory behavior toward him.

Fired for being "non-inclusive" and "ableist" toward other employees

As for his termination from Google, Olohan alleged in the complaint that he was informed in February 2022 that there were "too many white guys" on his management team, that he was instructed in June to only hire female applicants for open positions, and that he was told in July to fire a white male and replace them with a female, just prior to Olohan himself being fired in August, ostensibly because he was "non-inclusive" and had an "ableist" attitude toward employees.

In the end, Olohan is seeking compensatory and punitive damages from Google due to the discrimination and harassment he claims to have been subjected to.

In a statement to the New York Post, a spokesperson for Miller said, "This lawsuit is a fictional account of events filled with numerous falsehoods, fabricated by a disgruntled ex-employee, who was senior to Ms. Miller at Google," and added, "Ms. Miller never made any 'advance' toward Mr. Olohan, which witnesses can readily corroborate."

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