First lady and president take bike ride as questions over Devon Archer mount

 August 3, 2023

Fox News reported that former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer offered damaging testimony on Monday before members of the House Oversight Committee.

However, First Lady Jill Biden and her husband appear unconcerned by that development, with both taking time out this week for a leisurely bike ride.  

Biden shouts "How are ya?" while passing reporters

According to Fox News, the first couple was spotted on Wednesday riding near their Delaware vacation home while accompanied by Secret Service agents and medical staff.

The network noted that although the president did not engage with journalists, he did at one point shout "How are ya?" at them while riding past.

The Daily Caller tweeted out footage of the procession, noting that Biden was "enjoying a bike ride" even as the country is facing "a decaying economy, an open border, and a fentanyl crisis."

Biden raised eyebrows last year after falling off bike

This is not the first time one of Biden's bike excursions has made headlines, as last year he attracted attention for falling off his bicycle after stopping to speak with reporters.

The incident was pointed to by critics as yet another example of the president's declining state, with one Twitter user wondering, "Why in the world are they still letting him bike?"

Devon Archer says Joe Biden appeared on speaker phone during business meetings

Meanwhile, the Daily Caller reported that following his Capitol Hill testimony, Devon Archer sat down for an interview with conservative commentator Tucker Carlson.

During their discussion, Archer told Carlson that Joe Biden spoke via speaker phone around 20 times during meetings with his son's business associates while serving as vice president.

"But like, just to keep it to the facts, Joe Biden, then the sitting Vice President knew that there were Hunter’s business associates in the room," Carlson stressed.

"Yeah, I think I can definitively say at particular dinners and meetings, he knew there were business associates and he, or if I was there, I was a business associate too," Archer replied.

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