First Republican Calls for Congressman Matt Gaetz to Resign Over Sex Allegations

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) tweeted his call for Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to resign from office over sex trafficking allegations, becoming the first Republican to publicly call for his removal.

Kinzinger’s shared his demand Thursday alongside a link to a Daily Beast report documenting the allegations.

The Daily Beast’s “Follow the Money” report describes $900 in cash transfers made between Gaetz and Joel Greenberg. Greenberg, the former Seminole County tax collector, currently faces a scandal including 33 counts, with one case involving a 17-year-old girl.

Greenberg’s lawyer announced on the same day that Greenberg intends to take a plea in the case.

The Other Side of the Story

The Daily Beast also reported the federal investigation into Greenberg’s allegations led to the concerns regarding Greenberg’s connections with Gaetz. The congressman has refused to admit any wrongdoing.

Gaetz has yet to be charged regarding the allegations.

Jack Posobiec tweeted The Daily Beast piece refused to include the Congressman’s statement:

Gaetz’s female staffers released a statement defending the Congressman following the allegations as well.

Not His First Rodeo

Kinzinger’s action is not his first criticism of his own party’s leadership. The Congressman voted in January to impeach former President Donald Trump following the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol building riot.

He stated following the events, “There is no doubt in my mind that the president of the United States broke his oath of office and incited this insurrection.”

Gaetz’s allegation will certainly continue to circulate in the mainstream media, regardless of the investigation’s outcome. The impact of the accusations will also remain important as Republicans seek to win back power of the House in the 2022 midterms.

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24 Responses

  1. dont resign why should you Cuomo killed old people he is still there look at the crap on his back stay where you are don’t go no where thats what they want democrats don’t resign either should you we have your back stay where you are your a good man make them throw you out

    1. True —don’t let them push you out.
      Rep Kinzinger is not a republican he is a Rino. Not much good comes out of Illinois.


      2. I agree with you Rita, these RHINOS are the ones who should resign. This is just another witch hunt by the Demrats. We are taking names of these RHINOS.

      3. I totally agree Kinzinger needs to keep his mouth shut until all comes out…he tried to ruin Trump also…the only thing we need to talk about here is why is this Kinzinger still a Rep. he fits right in with the left wing crazies…he is untrue n a fake conservative…he should never give his opinion …he doesn’t have the info so let’s keep his mouth shut until he grows up to be an honest Conservative…we hope he gets 2 or 3 thousand of the illegal’s… at his doorstep…have not heard a peep out of this fake about the border crisis…figures…he’s a fake conservative

    1. Hey Dave, not piss off, f**k off you lousy Rino. You resign, you’re a disgrace to our Republican Party. Join the filthy, lying, cheating thieves (AKA) as Democrats.

      1. Adam Kinzinger should resign since he has betrayed all those who elected him as a republican. He seems better fitting to be a democrat since he has pretty much conformed to the way they see things. He should be ashamed to continue in his position since he is betraying the constituents who elected him as a republican.

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  3. Kinzinger you are the problem. Resign for being inept and malfeasance. You are not a RINO, just a another turd in the DC punchbowl. Better yet, lets do a deep dive into your background. There may be enough there for you to leave for Venezuela ASAP.

  4. Did Kinzinger have the same reaction to, Swalwell or Feinstein? I’ll bet he didn’t! Go, “Screw Yourself. Kinzinger!” Typical, “Spineless RINO!” They, “Fold Up When Confronted!” That’s why the, “Demo/Commies” are getting away with everything, the, Republican’s are a bunch of, “Wimps!”

  5. Swalwell, Piglosi, Feinstein, Waters, Schitt, Ilhan, Obama, Obiden..the list of DemonRat, communist thieves, traitors and seditionists is unending. All of them have more scandal in their lives than a Hollywood hooker, but when you’re DemonRat scum, dishonor is a badge of impervious incompetence.

  6. Did Cuomo resign, did the Governor of Virginia resign, did the Lt. Governor of Virginia resign, did Menendez resign? No, so why should Gaetz resign. Kinzinger is a turd, he isn’t even good enough to be a RINO, he is 100% Demonrat and he needs to change parties or resign himself.

  7. Oh, it’s Kinzinger again. No surprise there. If Gaetz were a democRAT and the allegations were blatantly true, his party would be giving him a medal and a parade. Republicans attack and demoralize and demagogue. And virtue signal. Kinzinger needs to go.

  8. kinzinger is nothing more than a rino trump hater that wants to get rid of trump supporters in the republican party that is why he wants gaetz to resign because gaetz is a big trump supporter kinzinger is the that needs to resign.

  9. Anyone who voted against Trump is a no good person – and that goes for all those RINOs!!
    I’m behind Gaetz all the way! Don’t resign, Matt!!

  10. Kinzinger is just like every other Republican who came out against President Trump regarding the January 6th Capital event, self-serving, worthless human beings that don’t even understand the English language! Trump said or did absolutely nothing to invite violence! Romney, Murkoski, Haley, Loeffler, Cheney, McConnell, and anyone else that fits the definition should be primaried and thrown out. As far as Gaetz is concerned, he says he’s innocent and I believe him. The left and the RINOS just want to get rid of Gaetz because he is, (and has always been) a staunch Trump supporter.

  11. Kinzinger one more corrupt politician from the Washington swamp that deserves no respect from the American people his words are only politically inclined to support the globalist movement and should be considered a traitor

  12. There has been NO evidence, -0-, zilch, nada, put forward to actually implicate Matt Gaetz in ANY nefarious activity, so WHY should he even consider resigning? I say NO, just another “put up job” promoted by the lying, conniving, cheating democommies that currently infest our own government and continue to try to destroy our Republic. Until and unless “actual evidence” is produced, ignore them; they are trying to “Kavanaugh” Matt Gaetz, IMHO.

  13. There is no way you should retire look at Como in New York eight or nine girls now they’re not impeaching him you’re not asking him to step down anymore and how about finger freaking Joe Biden there was all kinds of evidence of what he did to that girl but that was swept under the rug and let’s not forget scotus Roberts his connection with Epstein, islands and China this is just more BS from the left everyday I thank God for our leaders in Florida I have family all over the states they call Florida “free America”

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