Five killed including off-duty police office in mass shooting

Residents of Raleigh, North Carolina were left horrified this week after a gunman went on a rampage that left five people dead and two others wounded. 

Off-duty police officer among the dead

According to Fox News, those killings were confined to one neighborhood and the dead included an off-duty police officer.

The violence began at approximately 5 p.m. and concluded three hours later when a juvenile suspect was taken into custody. The suspect’s name has not been released due to his age.

“We need to support those in our community who have suffered a terrible loss, a loss of a loved one,” Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin was quoted as saying at a press conference.

“We need to support the family of the police officer who was killed and also the police officer who was shot,” she continued. “It’s a tragic day because Raleigh police have lost one of its own.”

“I just want to thank the extraordinary officers of the Raleigh Police Department, who even now, right now, are protecting us and putting themselves in harm’s way to arrest the suspect,” the mayor added.

“We must stop this mindless violence in America,” Baldwin declared. “We must address gun violence. We have much to do. And tonight we have much to mourn,” Baldwin said.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper put out a tweet as the violence unfolded in which he said that state police officers had been sent out to help local authorities.

Report: FBI undercounts the number of mass shootings stopped by armed citizens

Pro-gun activists have recommended that rules governing the carrying of weapons should be relaxed so as to make it easier for people to defend themselves from mass shooters.

While critics dismiss the idea, a report published this month by the Crime Prevention Research Center found that the FBI significantly undercounts the number of mass shootings which have been stopped by armed citizens.

Whereas FBI data show only 4.4% of active shootings between 2014 and 2021 were thwarted by someone who was legally armed, the Crime Prevention Research Center claims the real number is 34.4%.