Flooding causes Georgia to declare a state of emergency

The Daily Wire reports that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) declared a state of emergency on Sunday in response to the flooding that has resulted from recent storms. 

The state of emergency was specifically declared for Chattooga and Floyd Counties, which, in Georgia, are the two counties that have seen some of the worst that the storms have had to offer.

“Following severe flooding in North Georgia today, I have declared a State of Emergency in Chattooga and Floyd Counties,” Gov. Kemp tweeted.

He added, “as we work w/ local partners to address the damage in affected communities, Marty and I are asking all Georgians to join us in praying for those impacted.”

See the devastation

Reports indicate that these two counties, Chattooga and Floyd Counties, received as much as 12 inches of rain in a 24-hour period. At times, the rain was falling at one inch per hour. The heavy rains caused flash flooding, and, altogether, the large amount of water has caused much devastation.

This devastation has been captured in photographs and videos posted to social media.

Fox5, located in Atlanta, Georgia, has published drone footage showing flooding of houses, roadways, and more.

Although there has been much property damage, reports have yet to indicate whether any fatalities occurred as a result of the flooding in Georgia.

Kemp thanks first responders

On Monday, Kemp posted a series of messages on Twitter thanking all those who helped over the weekend.

Over the past two days, @ga_dps troopers, @GaDNRLE rangers, @GeorgiaEMAHS, and @GADeptofTrans personnel, first responders from local and state entities, and volunteers from across our great state have been working non-stop responding to the floods in NW Georgia,” Kemp wrote.

He continued:

Their dedication and service on a holiday weekend have been inspiring, and we are proud of their ongoing efforts to help affected communities. Thank you to all those who have donated supplies, including the water being prepped for distribution in these pictures. And thank you to those who serve the people of our state so well. We will continue to support them and dedicate resources where needed as these communities recover from the damage in the coming days and weeks.