Texas GOP Rep. Flores says House shouldn’t impeach Biden

It seems inevitable that a GOP-majority House will move to impeach Democratic President Joe Biden, but not all Republican members of Congress are onboard with the idea, such as Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX), the Washington Examiner reported.

Flores seemed to suggest in a recent interview that, in the spirit of bipartisanship, her party should refrain from attempting to remove Biden from office via the impeachment process.

“We should not be impeaching President Biden”

That revelation came during an interview that Rep. Flores sat for with Showtime’s “The Circus” program that will air on Sunday, in which she largely discussed the gains that Republicans have made and continue to accrue among the nation’s Hispanic and Latino population.

“We should not be impeaching President Biden,” Flores said. “People are struggling right now. They’re asking us to put our differences aside and to focus on the American people.”

“They’re not waking up thinking about, you know, the social issues that Washington wants us to focus on,” she added. “No, they’re waking up concerned how they’re going to make it at the end of the month.”

GOP has made it clear

According to Axios, Republicans have already filed 14 separate articles of impeachment against either President Biden or top officials in his administration, including Vice President Kamala Harris, Attorney General Merrick Garland, Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

None of those measures went anywhere, given the minority status of House Republicans, but they nonetheless signaled what a Republican majority would likely focus on in terms of congressional investigations and possible impeachment efforts over the next two years.

The already filed articles, which would need to be refiled in the next term, cover such things as Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, his failure to secure the southern border or enforce immigration laws, his unilateral extension of the moratorium on evictions, and other issues.

By way of comparison, Axios noted, Democrats had only filed five articles of impeachment against former President Donald Trump at this point in his first two years, and there was a total of 13 impeachment articles filed against Trump or officials in his administration over the entirety of his four-year tenure.

Flores outreach rejected by Democrats

Setting aside the impeachment of Biden, which, again, seems inevitable, if only in retaliation for the concerted efforts by Democrats to oust Trump from office, Rep. Flores’ desire for bipartisanship with her Democratic colleagues is laudable but unrequited.

It was just two weeks ago, National Review reported, that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, which is composed entirely of Democrats, rejected a bid by Flores to join the group explicitly because she is an “Extreme MAGA” Republican who they have no intentions whatsoever of working cooperatively with on anything.

To be sure, impeachments are messy affairs that distract Congress from other issues that must be addressed, but the process was fully weaponized by Democrats against Trump and, especially in politics, turnabout is fair play, so whether Flores supports the idea or not, President Biden will almost certainly face impeachment before he leaves office.