Florida Gov Ron DeSantis expected to win big with Hispanic voters

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis appears to have a big advantage with Hispanic voters in his state.

The latest poll shows the governor winning even in communities that are largely Hispanic, according to Tampa Free Press.

The stats

“NBC News pointed out that just six years ago, Hillary Clinton carried Miami by almost 30 points. In 2020, after four years of the alleged racist Donald Trump, Joe Biden won Miami by only 7 points,” the Tampa Free Press reported.

“Now, DeSantis seems destined to win over a community that is 70 percent Hispanic, even though Democratic candidate Charlie Crist picked a running mate who is Hispanic and is the boss of the teachers’ union in Miami, one of the largest in America,” it added.

Not the only poll

Another poll from “Telemundo/LX News, surveyed registered Hispanic voters who said they are likely to vote in November’s election.

“When asked who they would vote for if the election were held at the time, 51% said DeSantis, compared to 44% for Crist, 1% other, and 4% undecided. The survey was taken from Oct. 17-20.”

The results show that DeSantis is poised to win big on election night, despite Crist choosing a Hispanic running mate.

The Florida freedom message has resonated strongly with voters across the state and has made DeSantis a top voice for conservatives nationwide.

The new polls seem to confirm his popularity among Hispanic voters as well, showing Democrats cannot count on this voting segment under its current policies.