Florida officials plan for possible need to extradite Trump to New York after indictment

Although allegations against him still remain largely limited to partisan talking points, Democrats are already said to be planning for former President Donald Trump’s indictment.

Politico referenced the trend in a recent article titled: “How Palm Beach is preparing for a possible Trump indictment.”

Florida statute presents uncertainty

The piece hinges on the possibility that Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. moves to indict Trump, who is currently living at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. The New York prosecutor has been leading an investigation into whether the former president committed some type of financial crime.

A possible complication could arise if Trump is indicted while in Florida, but Politico noted that Palm Beach officials are already addressing the issue.

Florida’s existing statute would give GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis the final say in deciding whether Trump should be extradited to New York to face charges.

For his part, DeSantis has yet to comment on the situation, though speculation is already beginning to swirl regarding how he would respond to such a scenario.

Circuit Court of Palm Beach County Clerk Joe Abruzzo would also be a central player. A former associate of the Biden family, Abruzzo would be tasked with opening any fugitive-at-large case.

“The full extent of the law”

He vowed to approach the case with a focus on facts, insisting that “the full extent of the law will be followed and carried out appropriately, without bias.”

These concerns could be irrelevant if Trump spends the summer in New Jersey, which appears likely.

Although New Jersey has an extradition statute similar to Florida’s, Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy would likely hand Trump over to out-of-state authorities. Of course, all of the theories are rooted in the uncertainty surrounding possible criminal charges against Trump.

Vance recently weighed in on the status of his office’s probe after acquiring a large number of relevant financial documents, asserting that “there’s a good likelihood of a charge” against the former president.

If an indictment does come under Vance’s leadership, it is to be expected sooner rather than later, since he has announced plans to retire at the end of the year, according to reports.

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25 Responses

  1. What is Trump accused of? I should rephrase that. What has Trump not been accused of? The dems can rig elections, call for the death of conservatives, incite riots, call for the death of cops, but Trump wanted to put America first and they want his head.

    1. MORE Leftwing psychosis & malicious evil. Look at all the REAL crimes & corruption of Joe & Hillary & Andrew McCabe & Jim Comey. None of those scum Democrats have got prosecuted.

    2. Lindy, I agree with you. It’s all about the democrats. New York and Jersey are all Democrats. They are worried that Trump will. Win so they are trying to have him indicted. It was actually Pelosi that planned all of that on the 4th of January. Planning on impeaching Trump for what she did..

  2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣and China Joe & Hunter still walking free & clear while we know they r both corrupt!!!!

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  4. The Dem’s just create one diversion after another, when it comes to Trump. How many ways, let me count the ways, that they have made them self’s look like idiots.

  5. I truly wish you people ( Democrats) would stop wasting hard earned tax dollars on frivolous investigations especially against a guy that gave up EVERYTHING and just because DEMOCRATS don’t LIKE him.
    I didn’t care for Obama nor do I care for Biden but you donr see me running around crying!

  6. There are those who simply CANNOT leave President Trump alone!!!! What accusations are “in the works” NOW!!! Please, just leave the TRUMP FAMILY ALONE!!! THEY were treated horribly….
    MELANIA was ridiculed and snubbed horribly…
    (personally, I believe she is possibly the most beautiful and regal First Ladies…EVER!) Let’s ALL take a deep breath,TRY to get through this
    current Presidency, and go forward AS A NATION…..UNDIVIDED!!!!!

  7. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Will here are the damn democrats trying to indict former President Trump for nothing at all. All the democrats do is lie about everything. Now their all lying about everything about former President Trump. Their doing it all again.

  8. Lets just beat the dead horse some more Quit wasting tax payers dollars and do something good for this country. We are sick of it

  9. Why isn’t Mr Vance investigating the Killer Governor and The Police hating Mayor of NYC? Oh., I know, they are filthy Democrats. President Donald J. Trump is a Republican with a target on his back. Stop the political BS and get after the real criminals.

  10. The Democrat Party is no longer named as such but is the OCP, the Old Communist Party! I’m not even going to use the word American because there’s absolutely nothing American about them. Now what are they going to falsely accuse him of???? This is just unbelievable that they are so, so petrified of him interfering with their demented, dictatorial plans for America. These idiots just don’t realize that We the People are not going to allow them to turn our grand country of freedom into their deadly one world consciousness. Donald Trump is We the People and IT’S BECAUSE OF US that he exists politically – not the other way around. We completely support and like him because he completely supports and likes us. It’s a two-way relationship that evilness won’t be able to break up. They sure are trying their best and truly believe they can turn everyone around to their way of thinking if only Donald Trump was gone, but that ship sailed long ago never to return. They just don’t get it or get the American spirit of the American people! Earth is in the days of the Book of Revelation where the fallen ones are being judged and removed from this planet never to return. Once it’s their time to go, they’re gone along with their satanic and luciferian idealogy and doctrine. Their time is up and there’s nothing they will be able to do about it. God Bless America and God Bless the We the American People!

  11. Who needs an indictment – or a trial – when publishing stories like this is just as effective in destroying someone’s reputation?


  13. Democrats are now Communist So sad they dont care about American citizens. Impeach Biden Harris and Pelosi

  14. President Trump is again going to have to face another kangaroo court. The ‘bipartisan’ committee is made up of an Osama Joe Biden Democrat and a’ never Trump ‘ hater Dino from the GOP WHO VOTED FOR TRUMP’s IMPEACHMENT SECOND TIME AROUND. Don’t know abut the rest of you real Republicans, but I am getting sick and tired of this bulls##t. If Trump gets indicted, it may be time to step up and really show the country that they have carried their lies too far. Time for a real peaceful showing of support for President Trump in DC. Let’s get to it

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