Florida places focus ‘on the elderly’ as New York faces criticism over coronavirus vaccine distribution

The GOP-led state of Florida is humiliating Democrat-led New York when it comes to distributing vaccines for COVID-19, a new report from Fox News suggests.

According to Fox, Florida’s Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez (R) recently contrasted the Sunshine State’s response to the coronavirus with that of Democrat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s, saying this weekend that her state is placing its priority “where it should be.”

“Throughout the beginning of the pandemic, [Florida] Governor [Ron] DeSantis has focused and placed priority where it should be, on the elderly, and that’s something he was very clear about on the distribution of the vaccine,” Nunez said on Saturday’s episode of Fox & Friends.

“For us, it is unconscionable to have a 22-year-old receive a vaccine ahead of their 74-year-old grandparent,” the lieutenant governor added. “So that’s why we are one of just a few states that have placed the priority right where it should be: on those 65 and up.”

“Getting shots in arms”

Speaking with host Jedediah Bila, Nunez also said DeSantis and his Republican administration is being careful not to waste doses of the vaccine.

“We want to make sure that as those dosages come in, we are not wasting vaccine; we’ve been really adamant about that,” Nunez told Fox. “We want to make sure that we’re getting shots in arms as quickly as possible.”

The novel coronavirus first reported in the U.S. early last year has infected some 22.3 million Americans and killed more than 373,000 others in total, according to The New York Times.

Cuomo’s shoddy leadership

Throughout the pandemic, New York Gov. Cuomo has faced intense criticism for his handling of it — and as vaccines start to roll out, that’s not letting up.

A large part of the latest flak against Cuomo stems from his decision to exclude seniors, who are said to be most at risk of complications from the disease, from the first group eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine in the Empire State. Instead, Cuomo limited the initial roll-out to individuals like health care workers, earning him the ire of not just Republicans, but also fellow Dems including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D).

“We’ve got literally twice as many New Yorkers over 75 as the amount of vaccine we have in stock right this minute and yet we are not allowed by state law to give a single shot to a single New Yorker over 75,” de Blasio complained Friday, according to a separate report from Fox. “This is really dangerous; if we don’t vaccinate the people who are in the most danger, we are going to lose lives we don’t need to lose,” the mayor added.

In response to the criticism, Cuomo announced in a tweet Friday that starting next week, the state “will begin scheduling vaccinations for the next group of people (Phase 1b).” This includes “people age 75+,” teachers and other “education workers,” “first responders” including police officers and firefighters, “public transit workers,” and “public safety workers,” the governor said.

As to why this wasn’t done in the first place, we can just chalk it up to poor leadership. With Democrats, should we really expect anything less?

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