Florida legislature passes reform bill to strengthen election integrity

Democrats nationwide have been fighting tooth and nail to block state-level election reforms intended to reduce ballot fraud and strengthen the integrity of the voting process.

That Democratic effort failed in Florida, as the Republican-controlled House and Senate just passed a massive election reform bill supported by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) that now requires only his signature to become law, Breitbart reported.

The measure, known as SB 90, was passed in the Senate with a 23-17 vote and cleared the House by a margin of 77-40.

While the bill contains numerous and varied provisions, some of the most consequential — and vehemently opposed by Democrats — were limitations imposed on the use of mail-in ballot drop-boxes and third-party “ballot harvesting,” along with limitations on third-party voter registration and strengthened voter ID requirements for mail-in ballots and updating registration.

Democrats strenuously opposed

Democrats and the media have cried foul and fallen back on the tired tropes that these reforms are an unnecessary solution to a non-problem of election fraud and are intended to suppress minority voters.

State Rep. Omari Hardy (D) said the entire bill was based on a “web of lies” about alleged fraud spun by former President Donald Trump and that “This bill is the revival of Jim Crow in this state whether the sponsors admit it or not,” according to NBC News.

Left-leaning voting rights groups have similarly slammed the bill and a top Democratic attorney, Marc Elias, has already vowed to fight the measure in court if it is signed into law, ABC News reported.

That seems almost inevitable, as DeSantis has expressed his support for the bill that, according to his spokesman, would “ensure that Florida remains a national leader in election security, integrity and transparency.”

“Easy to vote and hard to cheat in Florida”

Of course, while the left stands staunchly opposed to any measures that make election fraud more difficult, conservatives are thrilled at the efforts to strengthen and improve election integrity.

Heritage Action called the bill’s passage by the legislature a “historic day for the Sunshine State” and praised the “numerous provisions to protect the votes of Floridians.”

“These measures, which Heritage Action advocated for and partnered with thousands of grassroots activists to support, will help ensure it is easy to vote and hard to cheat in Florida,” said Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson, according to Breitbart.

It remains to be seen if Florida will face any serious blowback or leftist-fueled boycotts of disapproval once this bill officially becomes state law.

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8 Responses

  1. We will continue to support our governor de santis. He is for Florida.. we support president trump and we will continue to ignore Biden ,pelosi, Obama ,may they burn in hell.

  2. Florida, you are absolutely wonderful. You did the first push and see what happened. Hopefully, the other Governors will do the same thing.

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  4. I sure hope other States wake up and do the right thing.

    One giant step for man/womankind!

  5. Its about time. The only reason to argue with that is if you’re hiding something. Nothing to do with minorities…its about keeping the honest people honest. And to keep democrats from running around and voting in numerous locations. And trust me…people without some sort of acceptable ID aren’t out trying to vote anyway. Unless some democrat brings them a ballot and says they will drop off for them. Bet that for unknown reasons the next election numbers are down a min 25% from 2020. Imagine that.

  6. So tired of clicking on news post only to have pop ups constantly block the articles. I get the need for advertising but this is frustrating, annoying and takes away from me wanting to finish reading.

  7. Way to go Florida!!!!! Governor DeSantis hopefully he will lead the rest of our governors to do the same. We the people want our voting rights to count the way we vote them. Come on STATES take his lead. Lived there 30 years raised my kids there. they can be proud of the state they were raised in. God Bless DeSantis God Bless this country

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