Flynn: FBI ‘not alone in coup’ against America, the Constitution

Former General and Trump official Michael Flynn, who pled guilty to lying to the FBI about his contact with the Russian ambassador and was pardoned by former President Donald Trump, said that the FBI is not acting alone in fomenting what amounts to a “coup” of the country by subverting the Constitution.

“The revelations of FBI malfeasance, egregious conduct and flagrant lies revealed over the last few days during the Durham trial expose the agency’s willingness to interfere and impede the will of the American people and the administration of the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump,” Flynn wrote.

The FBI is working with the dishonest and malicious press and the biased Justice Department, which has done everything it can–ethical or not–to destroy Trump and other Americans with similar viewpoints.

“The FBI is not alone in this coup perpetrated against our nation,” Flynn continued. “For years, Americans were force-fed lie after lie by the propaganda press doing the dirty work of the Obama-Biden gang and their half-wit minions at the Department of Justice, FBI and others that caused havoc across our country and sought to destroy lives and families. Mine included.”

Durham probe shows lies

Flynn’s reputation was raked over the coals by his prosecution, which came out of the Mueller investigation, a two-plus year specious probe that resulted in exactly no charges against Trump nor proof of any wrongdoing.

Much of the Durham probe has proven that the Mueller investigation was based on a bunch of lies, like a made-up dossier and a falsified FISA warrant application.

After much deliberation, Trump decided he had no choice but to pardon Flynn so he wouldn’t have to go to jail for a so-called crime that no one else would have even been prosecuted for.

The name of the game these days is to throw the book at Republicans for whatever minor law violations they can while letting Democrats like Hunter Biden and the President of the United States get off scot-free for major crimes that show corruption at the highest levels of government.

 Great lengths

As another example of the lengths the FBI were willing to go to “get” Trump, Flynn referenced testimony by a former FBI agent that Christopher Steele–a foreign operative–was offered $1 million to prove what was in the dossier he compiled for the Hillary Clinton campaign against Trump.

Steele couldn’t collect the money, of course, because the dossier was made up and fake, but that didn’t stop the FBI and DOJ from acting like it was real and true so they could keep trying to get Trump anyway.

The crimes committed by FBI agents and top officials, as well as some in the DOJ, far eclipse anything Trump or any of his associates have been accused of, prosecuted for or even convicted of.

Republicans are going to have their hands full setting all of this right when they get back in power.