FNC’s Jimmy Failla: Biden admin giving Harris ‘pretend jobs’

According to Fox News Channel host Jimmy Failla, Vice President Kamala Harris’s recent visit to the Philippines is an example of the “pretend jobs” that the Biden administration has been giving her. 

Failla said as much on Wednesday during the Fox News Channel’s airing of Fox & Friends First. 

“I love that they give her pretend jobs,” Failla said.

Just “bizarre”

Failla actually went so far as to compare the Biden administration giving Harris “pretend jobs” to parents giving their children something to do in order in order to keep them busy.

“Anybody who has a child has been in this position before where it’s like a busy day around the house, and you need the kids to get out of the way, so you say, ‘Lincoln, can you go get the monsters out of the washing machine?’” Failla said.

The host argued that the Biden administration is “doing that with the vice president,” by asking her to, essentially, “get the monsters out of the fish hatchery.'”

Referring to Harris’s Philippines trip, Failla concluded:

It’s a pretend job, and they’re as confused as we are. Who is this is random lady? We have a Walmart greeter here now on the dock just waving to us as we come in. It was bizarre.


Failla, here, was commenting upon the three-day trip that Harris took earlier this week to the Philippines.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Ms. Harris’s three-day visit to the Southeast Asian country—which closely follows President Biden’s trip to the region for a string of summits—builds on U.S. efforts to step up diplomacy as it faces an assertive China. Washington and Beijing are at odds over a range of issues, from Taiwan and trade to China’s actions in the South China Sea that the U.S. says amount to bullying of smaller nations.

During the trip, Harris met with Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., spoke aboard a Philippine coast guard patrol ship, and even met with local fishermen in Palawan.

While Failla has argued that Harris’s trip was a “pretend job,” Jesse Waters, another Fox News Channel host, has argued that Harris was actually sent to run cover for the Biden administration’s real purpose in the area, namely, U.S. military expansion.

Waters explained:

Biden is building bases in the Philippines right by the South China Sea. He’s building three military bases and wants to build at least five more and the White House is trying to mask this raw power projection as a women’s rights retreat. Now America is on a collision course with China, but the Democrats are afraid of their base. Their base believes American power is bad. So, the administration sends Kamala to woke-wash the whole trip.