Report: HuffPost forced to issue correction after claiming Ted Cruz lied

In a humiliating defeat, HuffPost was forced to issue a correction Friday after the left-leaning outlet published a tweet claiming GOP Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) “told his biggest lie yet” in a recent critique of Democrats’ efforts to “pack” the Supreme Court.

Pushback from Republicans has escalated in recent weeks as congressional Dems have issued formal proposals to expand the Supreme Court bench by four seats, effectively giving President Joe Biden the chance to swing the ideological tilt of the high court back to the left after his predecessor appointed three new conservative jurists during his tenure.

Packing the court?

Cruz, for his part, pointed out last Thursday that Republicans didn’t add seats to the bench when they had control of the House, Senate, and White House, as Democrats currently do.

“We had a Republican president, a Republican Senate, and a Republican House,” Cruz said at a press conference, alongside GOP Sens. Lindsey Graham (SC) and Marsha Blackburn (TN). “We didn’t do this. We could have.”

The Texas lawmaker went on: “You didn’t see Republicans when we had control of the Senate try to rig the game. You didn’t see us try to pack the Court.”

According to Fox News, HuffPost drew the ire of critics when it claimed Cruz had lied when he suggested “Republicans never engaged in court-packing when they controlled the White House and Congress.” Backing up their argument, HuffPost reportedly said the GOP “loved ramming judges through the system” while Donald Trump was president, “including at least 174 district court judges and 54 appeals court judges.”

Of course, as Fox and other critics noted, filling judicial vacancies is a far cry from actually adding new seats for partisan purposes. Amid the blowback, HuffPost tried to clarify that the “dishonesty” from Cruz “lies in the claim that Republicans never ‘rigged the game.'”

“It’s patently absurd”

But Cruz and his supporters aren’t buying it.

In a statement to Fox News, a spokesperson for the Texas senator accused HuffPost of “partaking in the new liberal trend to redefine words.”

“They have erroneously conflated filling judicial vacancies with ‘court-packing’ and then based on that conflation, accused Sen. Cruz of gaslighting,” Cruz’s spokesperson told Fox.

“It’s patently absurd and if anyone’s guilty of gaslighting, it’s the editors at HuffPost,” the spokesperson added.

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12 Responses

  1. Control the media control the agenda, people will eventually see it no matter how hard the msm continues to lie and misinform them.

  2. This is what is SCARY about the media, NEVER knowing what one is reading is the TRUTH or a LIE! What happened to integrity and writing what is actually the NEWS?? The media with its many LIES has divided this country

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  4. They always try and blame the republications for everything.One thing about Cruz, he lays it on the line, some people have a problem hearing the truth. I prefer to hear it straight on then have someone tell you lies then run from the people you messed around.

  5. Huffpost is just trash.. Uneducated hacks thinking their journalists. If this is what schools are putting out as journalists they should close down. Dumb down these people for what? To show the world just how stupid news outlets are. This bird cage trash I guess like being laughed at by the world. Its just disgusting what is going on in America. The nazi regime has took over their government. They have a idiot for a president. Speaker of the House is a drunken old woman. Obama is running your white house. The world knows it. Why do you think Russia and China are bullying America. You people are fools. Better fight for your country.

    1. You’re absolutely right Hate Communism, If you look up the definition of Journalism, I believe it says something about “gathering facts”, of course the media has no idea what a fact is, it’s easier to concoct a story filled with opinion and blatant lies to spin the story for the outcome they want. Heck, they can’t even use a spell checker. I’m amazed at the amount of stories I see where the spelling is not only wrong, entire words are not even finished. It seems if you want to hire a real journalist, you need to step up to the 7th grade.

  6. you could run NY city on the ”gaslighting” from Huffington pAst funny I always smell propane when dems , and media are mentioned , or speaking (lying)

  7. HuffPost deserves to BURN also, just like Portland, Minneapolis, and the rest of the blue cities !!!

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