Ford issues major recall on certain SUV models over possible risk of engine fire

U.S. automaker Ford recently announced a recall of around 634,000 of its sport utility vehicles worldwide over a defect in the engine that could result in a dangerous under-hood fire, the Washington Examiner reported.

The problem involves cracked or leaky fuel injectors that could cause fuel or fuel vapor to accumulate and potentially ignite on or near hot surfaces inside the engine bay.

Recall on cracked fuel injectors

Reuters reported that Ford’s recall over defective fuel injectors applies to its model year 2020-23 Bronco Sport and Escape SUVs equipped with the 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engines — the same engine package that had been recalled in April due to the potential for cracked oil separator housings also possibly to leak and cause an under-hood fire.

There have been 54 under-hood fires reported with that 1.5-liter engine, including at least four of which were due to cracked fuel injectors and another 13 believed to have been caused by leaky fuel injectors, though no deaths have been linked to those potentially dangerous fires.

The recall covers 634,000 vehicles, including 520,000 in the U.S. and 114,000 sold internationally. Owners can bring their recalled SUVs in to a dealer for repairs to the fuel injectors that will also include the installation of a tube to drain excess fuel away from the hot cylinder heads as well as a vehicle software update to help detect potential cracks and leaks and alert the driver.

“If a pressure drop in the fuel rail is detected, engine power will automatically be reduced to minimize any risk, while also allowing customers to drive to a safe location and stop the vehicle and arrange for service,” Ford announced of the software update.

Recall on windshield wiper motors

Unfortunately for Ford owners, this is not the only recall the number two-by-sales U.S. automaker has had to issue this year, as Consumer Reports announced just last week that Ford had recalled around 450,000 of its model year 2021-22 F-150 trucks over faulty windshield wipers.

The problem there involved the circuit boards of the small motors that operate the windshield wipers being fried by voltage surges and then either operating erratically or failing to work altogether.

That was actually an expansion of a recall that Ford issued in April that Consumer Reports had reported separately at the time and involved roughly 653,000 of its model year 2020-22 large trucks and SUVs, including the F-150, the Super Duty F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550, as well as the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs.

In that instance, the problem was splines within the wiper arm motors becoming stripped and failing to engage, which would cause the wipers to stop working, especially in cold weather or when under heavier than normal strain, such as wiping away ice or snow.

Recall repairs free of charge for vehicle owners

Consumer Reports noted that owners of the recalled Fords in both windshield wiper-related recalls could take their vehicles in to a dealer to have the wiper units replaced free of charge. In both instances, there were around 2,000 total reported issues, though none involved any crashes, injuries, or deaths.

Neither of these problems, the cracked fuel injectors and faulty windshield wiper motors, look particularly good for Ford and its quality control, and hopefully, the issues will be properly addressed in the recalled vehicles and future models before the problems due result in a crash with injury of death for anybody.