Foreign-born population surges in swing states as Biden opens up southern border

Democrats boasted for years that rapid, uncontrolled mass immigration would make the Republican party obsolete. The latest demographic data suggests that Democrats have plenty to celebrate.

A new study by a progressive group found that the foreign-born population is surging in critical swing states like Arizona and Texas, Breitbart reported.

Foreign population rising in swing states

The data was prepared by the progressive, pro-immigrant American Immigration Council.

Since 2016, the biggest percentage increases of the foreign-born population were in swing states like Arizona (1.7 percent), Texas (1.9 percent), Florida (2.1 percent), and Michigan (2.2 percent.) Georgia’s foreign-born share increased by 1.4 percent.

For context, the 2020 presidential election was decided in Arizona and Georgia by .3 percent and .2 percent margins, respectively. The swing states with the largest foreign populations include Texas (11 percent), Arizona (10.5 percent), Nevada (13.5 percent), and Florida (17 percent.)

The white share of the population declined in the vast majority of states, reflecting the U.S. Census finding that America’s white population fell for the first time over the past decade.


There is lots of speculation about Hispanics trending to the Republican party, so the Democratic party’s “demographics is destiny” philosophy may turn out to be premature. But Democrats certainly seem to believe that embracing open borders as an electoral strategy will pay off.

In fact, the American Immigration Council crowed that demographic change towards “younger, more diverse” voters is “leaving its mark.”

With the 2022 midterm elections on the horizon, our new data interactive tool highlights where close races are expected. These are states where the extent to which changing electorates can be activated by different campaigns may help determine who wins and who loses come November,” said Andrew Lim, research director at the American Immigration Council. 

Biden adds 2 million

Meanwhile, Biden was bragging just the other day that mass immigration brings “so much opportunity to make this country so much better.” If that’s what Biden really thinks, he’s certainly governing like it.

A study by the conservative Center for Immigration Studies found that the foreign-born population has surged by some 2 million since Biden took office. That places the foreign share of the population at 14.3 percent, close to the record set in 1910 of 14.7 percent.

Even as Democrats brag about growing “diversity” handing them a permanent majority, they have attacked Republicans who dare to notice as “racist.”