Former AG Holder said he would ‘proceed’ with indictment of Trump regarding Jan. 6

Democrats want nothing more than to hamstring former President Donald Trump — and as many of his allies as possible — prior to the November midterms, as it might be their last chance to make headway with certain voter demographics with which they’re rapidly losing support.

According to Breitbart, the Democratic Party is bringing out former heavyweights of the party to weigh in on the Jan. 6 House committee and what it means for Trump, with former Attorney General Eric Holder saying during a recent CNN interview that he would proceed with indicting Trump. 

Holder had previously gone on record with his thoughts on indicting former presidents, which he — and others in his position — tend to shy away from. Apparently, that’s no longer the case.

Holder apparently seems to know information that the general public does not. He believes the House Jan. 6 committee will spell the end for the former president — a prediction that has CNN, MSNBC, and every other liberal media outlet salivating.

“Depth of the criminality”

Without even a remote shred of evidence to back his bold and reckless prediction, Holder told CNN’s Dana Bash that he believes Trump is in trouble, and explained to her why he thinks that, though it’s nothing more than fantasy.

“There’s a national conversation about the former president. And I know you were opposed to indicting a former president in the past. In the case of Donald Trump, however, you say that you no longer believe it’s unthinkable. Explain why,” Bash asked.

Holder responded, “Yeah, I think given the breadth of what we already know, the depth of the criminality that we already know, and what I undoubtedly think we’re going to get from the January 6th Committee, and the danger to the republic, there was an attempt to stop the peaceful transfer of power, it seems to me there has to be accountability for that.”

He added: “Just as importantly, there has to be deterrence so people in the future will not try to do that which they tried to accomplish on January 6th.”

“And that has really kind of moved me from thinking, it will be a divisive thing if it happens, but it will be equally divisive, I think, not to take action against those who tried to foment that coup.”

The “possibility exists”

Going further, Bash pressed Obama’s former AG on whether or not he believes Attorney General Merrick Garland would drop the hammer on Trump, adding that based on knowledge from the public record, he, himself, would “proceed” with an indictment.

“I think that possibility exists. I have great faith in Merrick Garland,” Holder said.

Only time will tell if Garland has the courage to make what will likely be one of the most disastrous and irresponsible calls in DOJ history, but with the Dem Party being as desperate as it currently is, don’t be surprised to see it happen.

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