Former aid to New York AG sues over allege sexual harassment scandal

 December 18, 2022

A former staff member of New York Attorney General Letitia James is suing her over the coverup of recent sexual harassment claims.

Sofia Quintanar accused Ibrahim Khan of putting his tongue down her throat during a fundraiser last year.

The concern

“She alleges that James covered up the alleged assault and then made misleading statements to the media ‘that he was on vacation, or with a sick relative when in fact, he had been suspended for nearly two months,’ the lawsuit said,” Quintanar said.

"In a statement, Quintanar said she feared what would happen to her career but wanted to do what was right," Breitbart News added.

Further details

"Khan resigned Dec. 2, about two months after Quintanar first lodged her complaint with the attorney general's office about his behavior. He has denied wrongdoing," Spectrum News reported.

"In her lawsuit, Quintanar alleges that James and her office were aware that Khan had a 'propensity to sexually harass and to commit sexual assaults/ and they were negligent in hiring and supervising him," it added.

"Khan had been one of James’ closest confidantes for nearly a decade, dating to her successful campaign for New York City public advocate in 2013, the Associated Press reported.

The concerning news also comes after James announced that former Mayor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed state employees after a lengthy investigation.

The report ultimately led to Cumo resigning as mayor, though he never admitted to wrongdoing.

James has also been involved in a legal battle against former President Donald Trump, pursuing charges against the Trump Organization for tax evasion.

The concerning report about a top worker for James reveals serious concerns within the office that will now require more investigation of its own staff members.

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