Former aide Molly Michael described as 'killer witness' against Trump

 September 20, 2023

According to ABC News, ex-Trump aide Molly Michael told federal investigators that the former president would write to-do lists on classified documents.

Some legal observers argue that her testimony represents a legal disaster for Trump that could flip his case. 

Law professor: Michaels "strengthens" case against Trump

Newsweek noted that one of them is former special counsel and NYU Law professor Ryan Goodman, who zeroed in on another unverified statement Michael provided.

She is reported to have recalled how upon informing Trump that federal agents were looking for boxes of classified documents, he told her she knew "nothing about the boxes."

"Wow. This strengthens [the] MAL [Mar-a-Lago] case measurably," the law professor declared in a tweet on Monday.

"Trump long-time aide Molly Michael told the Feds: Around [the] time NARA found classified docs in 15 boxes, Trump 'asked Michael to help spread a message that no more boxes existed.' Obstruction; Espionage Act," he added.

Former prosecutor predicts Michaels will be "a killer witness"

Former federal prosecutor and legal analyst Harry Litman also addressed Michael's testimony during a Tuesday appearance on MSNBC.

"She's going to be a killer witness here," Litman predicted, adding, "No deal, no ax to grind. In fact, was loyal to Trump."

"Goes to Mar-a-Lago with him after, and then finally leaves when she knows he's basically breaking the law and obstructing justice," he stated.

Trump faulted for not paying legal fees of former associates

"She gives absolute killer evidence about his trying to keep more than the boxes he had given up already to the FBI, and that's why the search ensued. Very, very powerful witness she's going to be," Litman insisted.

The former prosecutor also suggested that Trump had hurt himself by not covering the legal fees of his former associates.

"For example, Jenna Ellis, saying why is he not paying our fees? That's exactly the kind of posture that is dangerous for Trump because if you are in financially dire straits, that is one real reason you would go to the prosecution and try to cooperate," Litman insisted.

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