Former border officials blast Biden for attempting to downplay ‘mayhem’ caused by his policies

President Joe Biden is facing widespread criticism and blame for his immigration policies amid a worsening crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border.

One former border official who served in the Obama and Trump administrations is speaking out against the current president’s explanation of the ongoing surge of immigration.

“Don’t tell me that our borders are closed”

In a statement to reporters on Tuesday, Mark Morgan insisted that the influx is not “normal” and does not happen every year, as Biden suggested during his first solo press conference earlier this month.

The former Border Patrol chief said that Biden’s reversal of several key border policies implemented by former President Donald Trump has exacerbated the situation. About 150,000 migrants will have crossed the border during March, he said, compared to just 35,000 during the same month last year.

By the end of the year, Border Patrol is on track to report 1.4 million undocumented immigrants crossing the border. That total would be more than any year since 2000 when 1.6 million migrants were arrested at the border.

In response to the sharp uptick, Morgan claimed the Biden White House is attempting to hide the extent of the “mayhem” it has caused. Not all migrants are being allowed into the country due to COVID-19 protocols, but he noted that that about 45,000 have already been released into the interior U.S. so far this year.

“Don’t tell me that our borders are closed,” he said.

“This isn’t incompetence”

Morgan, who is now a fellow at the Heritage Foundation and the Federation for American Immigration Reform, was joined at the recent press conference by Tom Homan, who led U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement under Trump and is now affiliated with the Immigration Reform Law Institute.

According to Homan, it was “by design” that so many migrants are streaming to the border, describing it as disingenuous to say that they were all seeking asylum.

“This isn’t incompetence,” he argued. “This isn’t [that] they don’t know what they’re doing.”

With only about 10% of migrants victorious in asylum claims, many of the rest simply disappear somewhere in the country and fail to show up for court hearings, Homan said.

During a recent appearance on Fox News, he criticized U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who has railed against the use of the word “surge” in describing the border situation. Homan declared that “she needs to come down and talk to the men and women who put the uniform on every day and stand in that box.”

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  1. Obama and Biden the two anti- American presidents ever elected. Democrats want power so bad they will sell us out in a second.

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  3. The Legislative and Juditial branches of our government are extremely lax in their lack of action against the Executive branch to prevent the Executive Branches continued mockery of our Constitution and laws. A President’s Executive orders that go contrary to the welfare of this country’s welfare are contrary to the Constitution and laws of our nation and should not be enforced. Should Biden, Harris and like minded members of the government continue with their actions they should be impeached and removed from office and their respective positions in any of the agencies of the USA. To not do so is an intolerable offense by the other branches of government.

    1. Donald, you’re so correct !!! Lack of action on the part of the Judicial and Legislative Branch is intolerable !!! This country if falling behind in every aspect of American culture and laws !!! This administration that is now in power is the worst yet – they don’t even respect the US Constitution !!!

  4. I think we need to load up every illegal and haul half to the capital the other half to Hollywood and give them a list of democraps residing there with the instructions to don’t leave for any reason . Democraps want them let them move in with them.

  5. All I can say is shame on everyone that voted for Joe Biden in the November election. What were you thinking? Remember the debates where he was protected by the moderators from answering Donald Trumps questions? He never answered any questions with an answer. The man has been a liar for 50 years in politics. Never addressed the issues he complained about during his campaign when he was in the Obama administration. And now in less than 100 days he’s destroyed everything good in America.

    1. For sure! So many were voting for Biden just to vote against Trump and now look at what’s happening! The most incompetant ,corrupt administration this country has ever seen! May God help us all!

      1. Most believe Biden was not elected legitimately, and I agree. He is a phony, planted there by those who wish to destroy America. George Soros comes to mind who spent millions and millions to support Biden and other left wing Democrat candidates, and probably to pay off election workers to fudge the vote. But what is disturbing is that so many fail to see what is happening to their country and simply vote Democrat out of habit, loyalty or insanity. Somehow, Biden, Harris and their cronies need to be excised from government and the rightful president, Donald Trump, reinstated as was meant to be!

        1. You are so right on all counts. Soros has hidden in the background so that less is known about his corruptive influence. More of us need to curb this by exposing his name and what he has committed in the past. I’m sure there were a lot of us that knew his disruptive behavior of now and in the past. He has been exposed!

  6. Biden is communist his policies are not America first and China is not our friend maybe Bidens friends get him out of Trumps office he stole the election and we all know he’s not a president the courts should be looked in to for the fraud they aloud to take place

  7. Agree with all posts! Piglosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris a must be impeached and removed from office. Congress must vacate the speaker’s chair and remove Piglosi.

    Write them this is an example of one of the letters I’ve sent
    get this trash impeached and out of our White House

    There is ample proof that the 2020 election was fraudulent. I can’t understand why you refused to hear the case. You are our last line of defense for our constitution and you do nothing. You are allowing these communist to ruin our country and stomp on our constitution.
    This is just some of the proof I’ve found Please rethink your decision hear this case.
    11/29/2020-Six video’s from FIVE States (WI, GA, VA, FL, PA) show votes that were switched from Trump & given to Biden.
    12-19-2020-Redacted information in Dominion audit shows Races were flipped in MI. Results were skewed & Trump actually won the State as reported by Officials. Dominion whistleblower accuses CEO of lying during the Michigan Hearing investigating the switching of voter results.
    03/19/2021-Audit of Fulton & Henry County GA found many ballots to be suspicious, especially mail-in ballots that were not marked or signed properly in order to be counted as authentically cast votes.
    03/31/21-Maricopa County, AZ- A dumpster full of shredded voter ballots were found just prior to audit to evaluate ballots & voting machines.
    Using AZ Sec. of State raw data over 700,000 votes stolen from Trump, primarily through the use of Absentee ballots.
    74 million people voted for Trump. So 74 million Americans Will remember the fraud perpetrated on America by the communist democrats. Why I can’t comprehend we had the greatest country in the world that why every wants to come here. Now we are a laughing stock of the world with a senile old fool in charge and a social climbing woman who has no idea what to do. Pelosi who must know all the dirt on everyone in DC the way she acts and the way everyone bows to her. They will all be remembered in history as cowards and treasonous fools like Benedict Arnold.
    Absentee Ballots are a terrible idea unless you are in service a person should get to the polls they get to the grocery store doctor ect. If voting is important to them they will find a way.
    Please don’t let these communist/democrats completely destroy our America. Help us. Help America before it’s too late.
    Thank you

  9. why can’t the FBI and DOJ do their duty and take action against Joe Biden and his family for all of their corrupt doings and be held accountable for their crimes? Also impeach Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, and others that support Biden and his corrupt ways.

  10. Why should the election process in government not be as flawed as other government actions ? The government fights no win civil and religious wars ;
    the government engages in disastrous nation building; the government promotes technologies that belong on the drawing board. Why shouldn’t elections be half baked?
    Under the guise of “EVERY VOTE MUST COUNT, ” ll kinds of slop and loopholes have been put in place to allow a maximum amount of CHEATING. That is what we received in 2020. One day to vote; we will callout “ELECTION DAY.” Mail in ballots only for the military, and overseas US civil servants. If anyone can’t travel , let their : municipality , county , state , provide transportation to and from the polling place . All ballots and voting machines to be seized by the local and state police , or federal government and to be kept under their supervision until one side concedes.

  11. I understand there is another group in Honduras and Guatamal getting the next caravan to start for the USA at the urging of Biden telling them to come to the USA. He has violated his oath of office by encourging illegal entry into the country. These are not asylum seekers and or immigrants or refugees, these are future voters for the Democratic party which is trying to have a one party system over the american two party system and if they get enough of these people into the country under their watch, they will get a large percentage to vote the democratic party way. We do not need them and the Democratic Party is nothing but an outlaw rogue party today. Stop them now and send them back at the border until we have better rules and can control our own border. If we cannot then we have no Country of the United States of America.

  12. Nancy P…maby you should impeach him!! Your good at bringing charges. But wait… was that your plan all along?? #1 Get rid of Biden. #2 get rid of Harris. # 3 Madam President, Nancy P!!

  13. Biden doesn’t give 2 shi’s what’s happening to the US as long as he gets his bribes paid for. He deserves to be shot like a rabid dog for what he’s doing to our country. The rest of the democrats arenobetter and should be gone as well. They have NEVER been good for the US in my lifetime and doubt they ever will. Don’t EVER vote democrat. All they do is line their pockets while giving is the finger.

  14. It’s time to boy cott Coka Cola, they are in the full “woke, cancelled culture. Cancel coke that is easier and good for your waist line.

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