Former DEA official blasts White House over silence on fentanyl drug crisis

A former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) leader is speaking out on the growing fentanyl drug crisis, demanding action from the White House over its silence.

Derek Maltz shared the comments on “Fox & Friends Weekend” concerning the latest developments.

The concern

They’re all asking, where’s the government? Where’s the Department of Education? Where’s the CDC?” Maltz asked. “Now the DEA is involved, and they’re working closely with their law enforcement counterparts. They’re making massive seizures. Millions of pills are being seized.”

“But just imagine what’s getting in,” he continued. “Now, the question is, where is the White House? And we were outside the White House yesterday, and we just don’t know the answer to that, Rachel.”

Far worse than monkeypox

Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) has also called on CDC Director Rochelle Walensky to respond to the fentanyl crisis, claiming she is ignoring the growing problem.

“One or two people have died with monkeypox in the United States… but every day hundreds of Americans die from fentanyl poisoning… Why have you not declared this a public health emergency?” he asked.

The problem is also related to the Biden administration’s open border policies. The drug is largely trafficked across the southern border, an area where the Biden administration has been accused of being weak.

The administration’s open border policies not only allow more migrants into the nation; it’s also driving a spike in drugs and other illegal materials.

The problem is a big one, but so far the response from the White House has been small, dismissing the concern as of little importance.