Former Democrat rising star Tulsi Gabbard leaves the Democratic party, citing ‘anti-white racism’, Biden’s authoritarianism

One-time Democrat rising star Tulsi Gabbard is leaving her party, citing its embrace of anti-white racism, open borders, authoritarianism, and other troubling trends.

Gabbard, a veteran and former congresswoman from Hawaii, called the Democratic party an “elitist cabal of warmongers” in a scathing clip explaining her decision from her new podcast.

Gabbard leaving the Dems

The news was not entirely surprising, given that Gabbard has been drifting from Democrats for years. Progressives responded to her announcement with mockery.

An advocate for civil liberties, Gabbard seems to have been put off by the Democratic party’s increasingly authoritarian and militaristic bent. The Democrats of today, she said, are an “elitist cabal of warmongers” who are obsessed with “cowardly wokeness,” bashing white people, and suppressing basic freedoms. She also pointed to Joe Biden’s escalation with Russia, which she said is “dragging us ever closer to nuclear war.”

Once seen as a rising star in the party, Gabbard was at one point the vice chair of the DNC. But her unorthodox views, especially her isolationist foreign policy, would make her a pariah among Democrats as the party’s establishment grew more hawkish during the Trump years, especially toward Russia.

Critics have often labeled her a stooge or spy of Vladimir Putin. During her 2020 run, Gabbard got into a very public feud with Hillary Clinton, who she called the “queen of warmongers,” after the twice-failed presidential candidate all but accused Gabbard of working for Russia.

Former Biden supporter turned critic

Although Gabbard endorsed Joe Biden in 2020, she quickly developed buyers’ remorse after the Biden administration moved almost immediately to crack down on political opposition, citing the January 6th Capitol protest and a vague threat of “extremism.”

Gabbard has since become a sharp critic of Biden’s weaponization of the national security state against conservatives, and his divisive, draconian rhetoric.

The Democrats are “pouring fuel on the flames of divisiveness, they are attacking anyone who dared to vote against President Biden, or anyone who dares to disagree with his views,” she said following Biden’s notorious, blood-red speech in Philadelphia declaring “MAGA Republicans” a threat to the nation.

Gabbard, who supported Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2016, has also been known to call out the Democratic party’s increasingly overt hostility to whites.

While it’s not entirely clear where Gabbard lies politically, she is a frequent guest on Fox News, and even filled in for Tucker Carlson back in August.