Former Energy Secretary Charles Duncan dead at 96

Charles Duncan, former Energy Secretary under former President Jimmy Carter, has died at the age of 96.

Duncan passed away after complications from a recent fall, according to a family member.

His work

“After Mr. Carter became president in 1977, he named Mr. Duncan deputy secretary of defense under Harold Brown,” the New York Times reported.

“As deputy, Mr. Duncan notably asked Congress to end the ban on women in combat, raising the prospect of female volunteers flying fighter planes, joining infantry units and serving aboard destroyers and aircraft carriers — realities that were decades away,” it added.

His influence

Duncan previously served as a president for Coca-Cola during some of its high-growth years, previously working in Houston for a major coffee company.

The native Texan became part of the Carter cabinet in 1979 during the Iran crisis, playing an important part in helping to deal with oil shortages impacting the nation during the time.

After his time in D.C., Duncan served as a trustee at Rice University.

He and his wife were later known for donating a massive amount of $30 million to establish Duncan College as part of Rice.

Duncan is survived by his son Charles III, his wife Anne, his daughter Anne, and five grandchildren. His life included a massive level of activity in business and the highest levels of government, operating in world politics during some of the most trying times in the nation’s history.