Former federal prosecutors say there is a 70% chance Trump will be indicted

Conservatives were shocked last Monday when FBI agents raided former President Donald Trump’s home in Palm Beach, Florida. However, some observers contend that federal authorities won’t stop there.

Among them is National Review contributing editor and one-time assistant United States attorney Andrew C. McCarthy. During a recent interview, McCarthy said Trump could be facing an indictment. 

Former federal prosecutors say there is a 70% chance Trump will be indicted

McCarthy made that claim while speaking on Friday with Daily Wire host Andrew Klavan, telling him, “I would say that seven chances in ten he’s going to be indicted.”

While Fox News reported that the warrant authorizing Trump’s house to be searched focused on classified documents, McCarthy argued that was simply a pretext.

Instead, the former Department of Justice (DOJ) official insisted that the government’s real motive was to try and find information relating to the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill.

“They may add classified information charges now that they’ve done this, but they are gunning to get him … on January 6,” McCarthy said.

“I think they are mainly trying to make a case on Trump related to January 6, and I think that if you look at the timeline of what they’ve done in the six weeks in which this Mar-a-Lago search is included, that becomes clear,” he continued.

McCarthy alleges that Merrick Garland is bowing to political pressure

“I just think they wanted a reason to get into Trump’s residence and root around for things that might be helpful to them while they’re frenetically trying to make a January 6 case,” the former prosecutor went on to stress.

McCarthy claimed that the DOJ has changed as a result of the war on terror, with some employees having developed the mentality that they are “saving the country.”

What’s more, he also accused Attorney General Merrick Garland of having changed over the past several decades and become more susceptible to political pressure.

“I keep hoping that a lot of this stuff that Garland is doing, as bad as it is, is mainly theatrical, and that when push comes to shove they won’t actually file these charges,” McCarthy declared.

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