Former Georgia Tech football coach, Bill Fulcher, dead at 88

College football fans were left grieving this weekend when The Atlanta Journal-Constitution revealed that beloved coach Bill Fulcher had passed away. 

The 88-year-old former Georgia Tech coach reportedly died at his home in Augusta on Friday where he lived with his wife Bequi.

According to the Journal-Constitution, Fulcher was also survived by his three children, stepson, brother, and 11 grandchildren.

“A few wrong turns”

The paper noted that Fulcher was hired to coach the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in 1972 after having played for the team nearly two decades earlier and spent three seasons as a linebacker in the NFL.

“I’ve taken a few wrong turns in my life, but this is it, the place I’ve always wanted to be,” he told the Journal-Constitution upon being made coach.

For its part, Georgia Tech released a statement recalling how Fulcher “compiled a 12-10-1 record in two seasons at the helm at his alma mater (1972-73), before retiring from coaching after the 1973 season at the age of 39.”

The school also put out a tweet in which it offered “condolences to his family, friends, teammates and former players.”

Big dreams

Fulcher’s obituary states, “When he was 8 years old, his father took him to his first big football game at the University of Georgia. On the way home in the car, Bill told his father that when he grew up, he was going to be a football player.”

He later graduated from Augusta Law School in 1980 and then pursued a successful career in commercial real estate.

Tributes to Fulcher appeared on social media, with higher education advocate Travis Highfield calling him “an important figure” in the history of Georgia Tech.