Former GOP Rep. Nunes, in a new interview, discuses “the battle of all battles” he and Trump will be waging against Big Tech

Former Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) just gave a preview of what the Trump Media and Technology Group, the Donald Trump-backed company that he is now the CEO of, has in store for the future. 

Nunes did so in a recent interview that he did with Brietbart News.

Nunes on the incoming social media site

Reports have indicated that former President Trump, through the Trump Media and Technology Group, is getting ready to launch a new social media site called Truth Social. According to Nunes, the company is looking to get the site up and running by the end of March. But, Nunes added, “we’re going to come out when it’s ready to come out.”

Nunes said that the company has “people from every corner of the United States and around the world that want to come work for us,” adding that “there are people that are essentially sick and tired of the Silicon Valley craziness and the left-wing crap going on.”

Nunes explained how Truth Social is going to be different from similar Big Tech platforms. He said:

We’re not going to use algorithms. We’re not going to steal your data. We’re simply going to allow you to post like it used to be back when a lot of these social media platforms were in their early stages. People just posted, they got to post to their friends and they weren’t being served up, you know, sewage. We’re not going to censor based on political bias. Everybody’s able to say their peace, they’re going to be able to be on the town square

Nunes went on to explain that, while the site will place an emphasis on allowing people to “say their peace,” the company will also strive to make Truth Social “a safe place for everyone to come to . . . where nobody has to worry.” Accordingly, Nunes said that it’s not “going to be just some free-for-all.”

“Like, let everybody just post stuff that is illegal, or that you wouldn’t want your grandma or your daughters to see,” he said. “The goal is to protect our users. Nobody’s stealing their data. Nobody’s threatening their kids online — that won’t be tolerated.”

Nunes said the company will focus on customer service, which includes both “making sure that people can go on the platform” and making sure “that people have a good experience on the platform.”

“The battle of all battles”

Later in the interview, Nunes explained why he decided to leave Congress for the Trump Media and Technology Group. And, it all comes down how he can most effectively take on Big Tech.

He said:

These tech companies are bigger than historical global empires. And they become more powerful than most governments are powerful and have more money or wealth than historical empires. And they’re completely out of control. They have so much money. They’ve become arrogant. Like things like historical situations that you’d have to go back a long time to like the worst of the, of the tyrants, the worst of the monarchies that you can think of.

Nunes said that, during his time in Congress, he learned “that there are some things that I just won’t be able to fix unless I move to the next level.” And, apparently, that’s what brought him to Trump’s company.

Nunes called their fight against Big Tech “the battle of all battles.”

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