Former GOP Senate candidate upset over unauthorized release of his Air Force records

 March 23, 2023

Former Colorado GOP Senate candidate Robert "Eli" Bremer is upset over the Air Force releasing his military records from the Air Force without his knowledge.

The news is part of a larger concern of unauthorized releases of GOP military records by the Defense Department.

The concern

"The Air Force has not tried to notify me. They haven't sent a letter. They could've reached out to my congressman," Bremer said.

"I don't think they intended to notify me because the only reason it got picked up was because some reporter read something in a congressional report," he added.

More examples

Last month, former GOP House candidates Kevin Dellicker and Sam Peters also said their non-public records were released by the Air Force without permission.

"I trust that federal law enforcement authorities will investigate and prosecute this brazen attack on military information systems," Dellicker said in a statement released by a representative.

"I hope they follow the money trail to see who paid this sleazy firm for its illegal activities," it added.

A pattern of errors

"In a letter dated Friday, which was obtained by POLITICO, the Air Force told House Armed Services Committee Chair Mike Rogers (R-AL) and Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) that an audit by its personnel center found nine people’s records were 'released without authority' to the firm Due Diligence Group between 2021 and 2023," Politico reported.

"Seven of those records disclosures affected GOP candidates for office in 2022, according to the letter," it continued.

According to Federal Election Commission records, the DCCC paid Due Diligence just over $110,000 between January 2021 and December 2022 and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee paid just over $172,000 to Due Diligence during that period, Politico added.

The concerning information is likely to lead to further investigation behind the details of the released information, especially as the records released were only from GOP candidates during a national election campaign.

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