Former Newsom staffer slams his debate challenge to Gov. DeSantis

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) wants so badly to be as successful and popular as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) that he recently challenged the Republican to a debate.

The bizarre debate challenge came after DeSantis torched the greasy-haired California progressive by saying at a press conference that Newsom’s “hair gel was interfering with his brain function.”

Clearly, the hilarious insult triggered Newsom, and his comeback — the debate challenge — was roundly mocked.

Not only would it be useless for two governors to debate, even Newsom’s former staffers understand that the California liberal is outmatched.

Only losers demand debates

A man called Bob Brigham, who claims to be a former Newsom staffer, tweeted a hard truth about his former boss. He wrote in his tweet that debates are usually demanded by the person who’s losing the argument.

“Why would he debate a governor from another state? What is the reason for that? This is just weird,” another Twitter user wrote.

Newsom, who constantly deals with his numerous failed policies in what was once a great state, had targeted Florida earlier this year with weird, creepy ads claiming that California is the real bastion of freedom in the United States.

Newsom’s mad

DeSantis made the hair gel remark after Newsom demanded that President Joe Biden’s DOJ investigate the Florida governor, along with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) for busing and flying migrants to Democrat-led cities, which are supposed to be sanctuary cities.

Dan Rather had originally proposed the idea that the two debate.

As bad as Newsom wants it, DeSantis has much better ways to spend his time by ensuring the freedoms of the residents of Florida, while Newsom literally struggles to keep the lights on in California.