Former Obama official speculates Trump will be indicted this winter

One of MSNBC’s Trump-deranged legal pundits is out with a bold prediction that will satisfy the former president’s detractors.

Neal Katyal, a former Obama DOJ official, speculated that AG Merrick Garland will indict Trump sometime in the winter of 2023 over Trump’s handling of government records, Breitbart reported.

Pundit: Trump will be indicted

Trump appears to be losing his court battle with the Department of Justice over access to the records seized from his home in August, Katyal crowed.

“I suspect the culmination at the end of the day, Jonathan, is that Donald Trump will be indicted by the Justice Department,” he said.

Liberal anchor Jonathan Capehart perked up at that remark, responding, “Care to tell us when you think that might be?”

Katyal speculated that Trump could be charged as soon as the winter, if the appeals process runs its course quickly.

“It depends a little bit on how fast this appeal can take place. I think it can take place pretty quickly, and by the end of December, I think we could get a decision there which will tee up the question about when to indict in the winter of 2023.”

Banana republic?

A recent appellate court ruling gave the DOJ access to 100 or so classified records seized from Mar-A-Lago, but the DOJ is still demanding access to thousands of non-classified records that are in the hands of an independent “special master.”

Katyal defended the DOJ’s impatience, saying their investigation has been wrongly “shackled” by the “unprincipled” and “obviously wrong” Judge Aileen Cannon. He scoffed at Cannon’s argument that Trump’s case is extraordinary, and therefore deserves special judicial oversight.

“You don’t get a special master if you’re a normal person ever. And Judge Cannon said the reason why he gets one is because he’s the former president. That is not exactly powerful legal reasoning,” Katyal said.

Will the Biden administration actually take the unprecedented step of jailing a former president who also happens to be Biden’s top political rival? There certainly is plenty of pressure building in that direction.

Of course, an indictment would likely kneecap any plans Trump may have of running for president in 2024. But there’s nothing political about any of this, right?