Former WH physician slams Biden, media after press conference: ‘Shameful and Embarrassing!!’

President Joe Biden faced widespread criticism for his reluctance to hold a solo press conference within his first two months in office, fueling speculation that he was unfit to serve as commander in chief.

Even after he held a formal press event this week, however, many of his critics — including former White House physician Ronny Jackson — were not satisfied.

“Not only for Biden”

In a statement following the Thursday press conference, Jackson, a Republican who has since been elected to represent Texas in the House of Representatives, said that Biden’s performance and the mainstream media’s coverage was “embarrassing” and “shameful.”

The physician served in the White House Medical Unit from 2006 until 2018 and was the personal doctor for former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. He transitioned to becoming Trump’s chief medical adviser in 2019 prior to launching a congressional bid.

Responding to the current president’s first news conference, Jackson tweeted: “This ‘Press Brief’ was EMBARRASSING! Not only for Biden, but for the liberal press corps as well.”

He went on to claim that Biden “struggled to make it through, despite the fact that he followed a strict order of reporters to call on and was reading what appeared to be prepared answers from the podium.”

In a follow-up tweet, Jackson wondered “what the press would have done if Donald Trump had pulled something like this” in one of his briefings.

“Something’s not right!”

“Helps when the ‘press’ are your biggest fans!” Jackson added. “Shameful and Embarrassing!!”

These tweets were just his latest remarks related to the perceived mental and physical shortcomings of the president. After Biden took a tumble while climbing the stairs to Air Force One earlier this month, Jackson offered his thoughts on the matter.

“I served as White House physician under THREE Presidents,” he tweeted at the time. “I’ve seen what it takes physically AND mentally to do the job. I can tell you right now that the way Biden is hiding from the public is a MAJOR red flag. Something’s not right!”

Plenty of other critics weighed in on Biden’s performance, including Fox News Channel anchor Chris Wallace.

“Covering Ronald Reagan for six years, I never saw that,” he said. “Watching a lot of news conferences over the years, I’ve never seen that — a president in a news conference reading talking points. He did that on, it seemed, every foreign policy question.”

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45 Responses

  1. Everyone can see Biden is not fit,his action are telling what’s going on .Harris is not either,her mannerisms ,actions are not that of any executive,much less vice president!

    1. Don’t know how hw was even allowed to run for a Pres, the Democratic ticket shoul be impeached, they New his screws were loose and that ticket should not be in the White House, PERIOD!

  2. Anyone can tell he is ill, not his fault, they pushed him to do this knowing he could not stand up to this. Don’t know if his wife wanted to be first lady that bad or another reason. To me it seems like elder abuse.

    1. It is elder abuse! Those who pushed him into
      this position, did it because they, and the media, had always covered up his lies, and lack of judgment, to make him appear as a smart man and good guy.
      They figured he could win the election. As far as he winning the election, did he really win the election?

    2. I agree it is abuse and his wife should be ashamed for allowing this to happen. I did not vote for him and disagree with almost everything he has done but he deserves better as a human being. He served this country when he was able but it should be a crime to allow those in the democratic party and his wife to put him in a position to lead this country. He needs help and deserves to be taken care of not mocked and ridiculed. Our enemies are laughing at him and America. This needs to come to an end.

      1. I totally agree. Everyone knew he was sick. Anyone that stays in the basement while puppeteers rally and tell lies, corrupt the election and knowing if they got caught, they would get the same answer so it would look like it was for real. Where were te legislators???? – in the same basement with the other sick people. 74-75 million voted for Mr. Trump and they switched the rest to stay ahead. I will never vote for any of them for anything. AOC, losi, waters, shumer and sanders should be impeached for what they are doing to AMERICA. Where do we sign??? to get this done

    3. I totally agree. He is being used and is not mentally or physically capable of performing the duties of president and I will NEVER call him that. I would not be surprised if obumer was actually the one behind this and making all the decisions. Biden’s family is probably getting paid handsomely also and should be ashamed of themselves. God will punish those who are doing this.

    4. @ Magaret, Biden himself is greedy & power-hungry person, he’s not innocent.
      No one could force him to be a candidate if he did not want it. He & his wife and the democrat party are equally at fault and they put this country and all Americans at being ridicule and shameful by foreign countries and foreign citizens

    5. Being an elderly person myself, I have said all along that it was a disgrace the way his wife shadows him and sweats blood for fear he will say the stupid things he says. She is a money grabbing fame chaser.

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  4. Biden is really unfit to be the president of this country and so is Harris. Neither of them know how to run a country like this country. They both really need to be impeached and put completely out of any office they are in. It’s for the good of this country and the people of this country.

  5. Sandra you said it correctly. Biden nor Kamala are fit to be president or vice president Both of them have huge problems. Shameful.

  6. Biden now want’s to come after our guns. Is the reason I keep mine on the second floor. First, if he found the stairs, by the time he got to the top, he’d ask “Where am I, what am I doing here”.


  8. Is anyone really surprised? I wonder if those who actually voted for this dementia addled old man and his laughing hyena of a sidekick are pleased with the outcome and the way this country is headed!May God help us all!!

  9. I shudder at the thought of biden attempting to deal with foreign leaders from any country on any subject. In spite of the efforts of bidens handlers he still comes across as being unable to comment or answer questions with any clarity, even if he is reading his response. I pray he no longer has access to our nuclear weapons. The entire democratic administration is a complete disaster at the present time, with no signs of improving My opinions.

    1. I think the foreign leaders are actually speechless that the citizens of America are allowing this sideshow to continue. My question is, just when is there going to be a stop to this freak show of a government and get down to seriously running our country?

  10. you have his doctor s tesamony that Biden is not fit to be president so some one take control and do the 25th amendment and get him out of there, quit using him hes not a pupet!!

  11. Chris Wallace is a hard core Democrat and I am sure he doesn’t like Biden being mentally unstable. But he shouldn’t worry because Harris will step in as President and we will loose this country. The Democrats have already made a laughingstock of us! What a pathetic Democratic Party.

  12. What we are seeing is the Presidency of anarchy, as the supposed leader is mentally and physically unable to perform even the lightest of his duties. Instead we have shadowed hands behind the curtains directing the course of the country. The results? A mounting crisis of epic proportions at the border, an impending reversal of energy independence leading to spiraling prices(which will also help trigger the coming inflation), and the Chinese making a laughingstock of our so-called diplomats. If you thought Obama was bad for America, Biden and his band of extremists are suicidal for our Republic.

  13. The real controllers of what is happening in America chose Joe Biden just exactly because of his condition. That way, they have total say. I think Obama is 1 influ- encer, with George Soros the puppeteer over all. He told Biden to pick Harris as VP. Because she is so foolish and wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to lead this country, we are actually being run by Obama and Soros.

    1. Agree. I also believe Pelosi is high up on the list of puppeteers, as once Biden and Harris are gone, she gets to be President. Of course, her mental stability has to be taken into question, too…seriously. I surely hope Trump has an ace up his sleeve to take our country back, the sooner the better.

      1. god I hope you are right !!!!!!!!!!! I to pray Trump has a plan to take our country back as the election was stolen from him . I think Covid was made up to to let the dummycrats take control of every this .I pray for our country because as it stands now it is in a hopless mess .

  14. Hell anyone with half a brain know slezzy Biden only has enough brains to get up and sit down. He isn’t running the show,Schumer,Pelosi and Sanders are calling the shots & G.Soros their is a way of dealing with these scum and it isn’t nice,but maybe it will be the only way, O yes i forgot to mention an other Turd B.Obama is puting in his 3 cents worth. Harris she doesn’t have a clue unless you ask her about herself. After 4 years of law and order, this bunch has to go,one way or another.

  15. And MORE Americans Will Be
    Leaving Like Messages. It is so
    Easy to see and Painful to watch.
    I did not vote for Biden as I AM A
    CONSERVATIVE however, I am an
    Older person and I Feel as a Human Being , THIS IS WRONG andDANGEROUS


  17. Just about every country in the world is laughing at our President, VP, Speaker of the House & the rest of the Dems. leading this country. First of all why would anyone vote for Biden & Pelosi knowing they both have dementia & Nancy has a bad drinking problem & Harris has no idea at all how to run a country!

  18. Karmala Harris is no better she cackles like insane hen at news rapist ,murders and drugs crossing the border every day…she can not stop her silly laugh. Joe may be the smart one.

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