Former Trump admin. official Richard Grenell is working to “Fix California”

Richard Grenell, the former acting director of United States National Intelligence, just unveiled his three-prong plan to get California back in the hands of conservatives. 

Grenell revealed the plan during a recent interview on Breitbart News Saturday. The plan is being led by his organization, which is called Fix California.

The three prongs, in short, are restoring election integrity, increasing conservative engagement within the state, and altering the way the state funds education.

Prong one: election integrity

Here, Grenell said that paramount is cleaning up the state’s voter rolls.

“We’ve got way too many people on the rolls who are residency violators who have not voted, and so if you are going to send people a ballot who don’t know that ballot is coming, you are asking for trouble,” Grenell said. “Someone is going to pick that ballot up, and we have an aggressive political party, one party that controls that state of California. They have learned to manipulate all of these ballots.”

Grenell went on to give the example of Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), who used the coronavirus pandemic to justify changes to voting rules to. Grenell used a personal example in which his friend’s parents, who had been dead for more than a decade, were both sent ballots in the recent election.

Prong two: conservative engagement

Grenell says that his organization has found that there are at least 1.4 million conservatives in California who are not registered to vote. He is looking to change this.

“We’re reengaging with conservatives in California,” Grenell aid. “We’re telling them to get off the sidelines. We are a state that when we flex our muscle, we can actually make change.”

Prong three: education

Grenell, here, is pushing what he has referred to as “the most radical education reform measure in the United States,” one that will “upend the way we fund education.”

The goal: to get on the ballot a measure that would allow school choice in California.

Grenell explained:

[The ballot] will ask the voter ‘Do you want the way we fund education — the $13,000 per student per year that the state gives for education — do you want that money to follow the student? Let the student pick the school? Create a total competition?It’s not just going to be for government schools, it’s going to be for private schools, for any type of school that can get some type of accreditation. This is going to be a bipartisan push to put California back in the lead, create competition, and let the kids and the families decide what’s best for them and where to go to school.

We’ll have to see if Grenell could pull his goal off later this year.

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