Former Trump economic adviser Peter Navarro says his arrest on contempt charges akin to ‘terrorism’

In the clearest sign yet that the Biden White House is putting its thumb on the scale to assist the Democrat-led House committee probing the Jan. 6 Capitol unrest, former Trump administration economic adviser Peter Navarro was arrested on Friday for non-compliance with a subpoena from that panel in a development he described as “terrorism,” as Fox News reports.

Navarro, 72, was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of criminal contempt of charges, and he was arrested by the FBI while attempting to board a domestic flight and placed in handcuffs and leg irons, despite his previous offers of voluntary cooperation.

Navarro speaks out

Speaking to reporters following his first court appearance in the matter, Navarro had some very harsh words for the treatment to which he was subjected and suggested that the broader implications of this prosecution should frighten everyone, as Mediaite reported.

“I told them [to] contact an individual that would discuss this matter. What did they do? They didn’t call me,” Navarro explained, adding, “I spoke to the FBI agent that arrested me. I spoke to him Wednesday night. I said, ‘Walter, whatever you need. You don’t have to come banging on my door like you did last week getting me out of bed. I’m here to cooperate.’”

“What did they do? I was on my way to Nashville today to do a TV appearance with Mike Huckabee’s show, all right? And instead of coming to my door where I live, which by the way is right next to the FBI…[t]hey intercepted me getting on the plane. Then they put me in handcuffs, they bring me in here, they put me in leg irons stick me in a cell,” Navarro continued.

Sounding the alarm over the agency’s strong-arm tactics, Navarro opined, “They responded with effectively the same kind of thing you’d see in Stalin’s Russia or the Chinese Communist Party,” adding, “There was no reason on God’s good Earth for what they did today to an American citizen. That did not have to happen. It’s terrorism, it’s coercion… . America needs to know this.”

The outspoken former Trump advisor further articulated his belief that the overarching motivation of the Jan. 6 committee and the current administration is to stop Biden’s predecessor from running for president in 2024, noting, “People like me are in their way, and they’re not coming for me, they’re coming for you. All 74 million of you who voted for Donald John Trump.

DOJ playing “hardball”

Navarro was not the only one taken aback by the circumstances of his indictment and the manner in which he was taken into custody, with former federal prosecutor and National Review contributor Andrew McCarthy declaring that Friday’s events are a clear indication that the Biden Justice Department is playing “hardball” in support of the Jan. 6 committee’s efforts.

“Navarro is a jackass,” McCarthy opined, “but the criminal charges smack of selective prosecution – not to mention the gratuitous manner of his arrest.”

John Hinderaker at Powerline concurred, reminding readers that declining to comply with congressional subpoenas is far from uncommon and pointing out that there was no such perp walk commenced when then-President Barack Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, was held in contempt of Congress for the same offense.

“And of course, you remember when the FBI arrested Holder and put him in leg irons on the same charge that is being brought against Navarro. No, wait…” Hinderaker quipped.

If convicted, Navarro faces up to a year of incarceration and upwards of $100,000 in fines, but in his words, “There are bigger things at play than whether I go to prison,” and he seems determined to expose just how desperate the Democrats are to eliminate what they apparently perceive as their biggest political threat – a resurgent Donald Trump.

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