Former Trump, Obama doctor says Biden physical 'alarming,' a 'coverup'

 February 21, 2023

Former White House doctor to presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama, now Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-FL) blasted the reports of President Joe Biden's latest physical over the weekend, telling Fox Digital that it was "alarming" and a "cover-up."

"The majority of Americans can see that Biden's mental health is in total decline, yet there is no transparency from the White House on what’s going on, if anything, to address this issue and his inability to do his job," Jackson said. "Yesterday's written physical exam report released by Biden’s physician, Kevin O'Connor, further confirms that this administration is still adamant about concealing the truth."

"Nowhere in the report was there mention of Biden’s deteriorating mental health," he added. "This is alarming, considering I have already sent three letters to the White House demanding that Biden receive a cognitive test and that the results be made public, all of which have been ignored. Everyone can see something is wrong — the cover-up needs to end."

Jackson has spent the last three years calling for Biden to take a cognitive test, but it has not happened. This physical included a neurological exam that didn't see evidence of a stroke or other brain damage, but is not the same thing as a cognitive exam.

Jackson tweets

Jackson also tweeted his reaction to the physical results.

He blamed the media for not pushing the cognitive test and letting Biden get away with governing in the midst of decline.

Other doctors agree

Obama's former doctor Dr. David Scheiner agreed with Jackson that the public wasn't getting a real picture of Biden's health and that he didn't look terribly healthy for an 80-year-old.

"They sugarcoat these things," he said, adding that he doesn't believe Biden is in good health based on his physical results and how he looks. “It worries me that he is aging. If I look at him, he’s not a young 80.”

New York ER physician Dr. Stewart Fischer told the Daily Mail that Biden's exam was "not very specific" and didn't include routine tests for his age like a urinalysis, bloodwork, and a cardiogram.

“It worries me that he is aging. If I look at him, he’s not a young 80," Fischer said.

"Health is extremely unpredictable" at Biden's age, he went on, adding, "Prognosticating years in advance as people get older is fraught with problems."

Privately, a number of Democrats are worried about Biden's re-electability, given the state of his health and apparent deterioration, the Daily Mail reported.

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