Former WH Chief of Staff Meadows suggests in a new book that a Trump 2024 run is already in the works

The Washington Examiner reports that Mark Meadows, the former chief of staff of the Trump administration, just hinted in a big way at a Trump 2024 run. 

Meadows did so in his newly released book, “The Chief’s Chief.” In the book, Meadows reveals a phone conversation that took place between himself and former Presidential Donald Trump this past summer, after President Joe Biden’s failure in Afghanistan.

Meadows writes:

During our conversation, President Trump said the words that I had been waiting to hear for seven months. ‘We have to be ready,’ he said. ‘We have to do it again for the sake of our great country.

Meadows continues:

Clearly, the time for ‘hanging around’ was over. When President Trump said we had to ‘do it again,’ he was not simply stating some abstract idea. The message was clear: We had to prepare for the second term that had been denied him. We needed four more years.


Trump supporters have been yearning for Trump to announce his 2024 candidacy, especially given the horrendous start to the Biden administration. But, Trump has yet to make that announcement.

Statements, such as these from Meadows and other Trump insiders, have made it clear that Trump intends to run again. And, Trump, himself, teases his running during just about every interview he gives, saying, you’ll be “very happy” with my decision. But, we still don’t have the official announcement from Trump.

In the meantime, every sign seems to point to Trump being a formidable 2024 candidate. Reports from earlier this year have shown that Trump has been bringing in huge amounts of money through fundraising. And, on top of this, poll after poll shows that Trump would easily beat out both his Republican rivals, as well as Biden, should Biden choose to run again.

So, the pieces are there for a 2024 run from Trump, but we are still waiting on the official announcement, which isn’t expected to come until after the 2022 midterm elections.

A preview of Trump 2.0

In his book, Meadows provides some insights into what Trump would be looking to accomplish in his second term.

“That’s four more years to reverse the damage that Biden had managed to inflict on our country in just seven short months; four more years to truly drain the swamp; four more years to remind America that our country is truly great, no matter what anyone on the left has to say about it,” Meadows writes.

And, Meadows writes that one of the keys to success in Trump’s second term would be “personnel,” something that he has already begun working on:

During our frequent phone calls, he often tells me that he wishes he knew then what we know now, namely that when you’re running the White House, personnel is key. He says that he wishes he could go back and root out all the political appointees who worked privately to undermine his agenda. We can’t do that. But we can make sure that we don’t make the same mistake the second time around.

Meadows concludes his book, writing:

I’m sure that in the months to come, there will be ‘Draft Trump’ movements, large rallies, and boat parades that would make the naval fleets of some countries seem small by comparison. There will be lots of chatter about President Trump’s running mate, and about what he will do when he is once again back in the Oval Office. And I have no doubt that the efforts will all reach the same conclusion. It’s time for more historic accomplishments, and … Four more years.

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