Fourth Indictment Helps Trump, Just Like The First Three

August 29, 2023

When are liberals going to learn?

They think that they are destroying Donald Trump's credibility more and more with each successive indictment.

It isn't working.

They're actually accomplishing the exact opposite of their goal. Instead of convince America that Donald Trump is some sort of criminal, they've convinced America that Donald Trump is the only person they can trust.

Donald Trump has been saying for YEARS that there was an unfair political witch hunt out to get him.

For a while, there was very little proof.

But we believe him now.

Now, there's no doubt as to whether Trump was telling the truth or not. These bogus charges prove that America's legal system is just an arm of the liberal government right now.

Each indictment HELPS Trump, not hurts him.

In the last three weeks alone, Donald Trump has raised almost $20,000,000. That's nearly a million dollars per day in money coming into the campaign.

In just the 48 hours after Donald Trump's mugshot was released, his campaign made over $7,000,000.

On August 25, one day after he was arrested in Georgia, Donald Trump's campaign raised $4.18 MILLION.

Liberals are playing catch-up.

These are mind-boggling figures. It's so much money that these figures barely even seem real to ordinary Americans.

It shows just how much American voters are supporting Trump over the liberal villains prosecuting him.

"Organic money has skyrocketed, especially after @realDonaldTrump tweeted out the picture along with the website URL," Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung said.

Trump's campaign raised a total of $35,000,000 in the second quarter of 2023 and currently has $22,500,000 cash on hand.

Other Republicans hanging on.

There are only a few other Republicans that even come close to having the type of war chest that Donald Trump is enjoying right now. Although, it's not exactly clear how much of that Donald is going to blow on legal fees before putting much into campaigning.

Despite not collecting nearly as much as Donald Trump, Tim Scott of South Carolina seems to have saved a higher percentage of what he's brought in. The Scott campaign reports about $21,000,000 cash on hand.

Ron DeSantis reportedly has about $12,200,000 in cash available.

By comparison, Joe Biden is blowing the liberal competition away, and has about $20,100,000 cash on hand right now.

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