Fox contributor Charlie Hurt says Fauci should be ‘fired’ following heated hearing with Rep. Jordan

White House medical adviser and infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci engaged in a heated back-and-forth with Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) during a congressional hearing Thursday wherein the doctor arrogantly refused to provide direct answers to the congressman’s questions about when various coronavirus-related restrictions could be lifted.

The “disdain” and “high-handed” attitude exhibited by Dr. Fauci in the debate with Jordan prompted Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt to insist that the doctor needs to be fired from his taxpayer-funded position, Mediaite reported.

Fauci vs. Jordan

It was during a House subcommittee hearing on the government’s COVID-19 pandemic response on Thursday that Dr. Fauci sparred with Rep. Jordan.

Jordan repeatedly sought specific metrics, in terms of both new case numbers and vaccination rates, by which Americans could expect to see the widespread restrictions on their freedoms and liberties relaxed and ultimately lifted. Fauci, however, refused to provide any such specifics and even seemed to dismiss outright any stated concerns about liberties being infringed.

Fauci should be fired

Mediaite reported that Hurt, appearing Friday on Fox & Friends, had noted that Fauci was the highest-paid federal official in Washington, D.C. and “has gotten more wrong than anybody during this entire pandemic.” As such, Hurt said, the doctor should have been more conciliatory with the congressman’s efforts to elicit straightforward answers on behalf of his constituents.

“This is the one opportunity for Jim Jordan, who represents 800,000 Ohioans, who paid Dr. Fauci’s salary, to ask some basic questions about the decisions Dr. Fauci has made that has altered their life, probably more than any other single person in American history,” Hurt said. “Especially for somebody who’s never been elected!”

He went on: “And it’s the one opportunity for those good citizens of Ohio to ask some questions of Dr. Fauci, and Dr. Fauci gets high-handed with Jim Jordan? The representative of 800,000 people that Dr. Fauci works for who pay his salary?”

Hurt said accusing “Jim Jordan of ranting by asking these questions” amounts to “a really screwed-up situation.”

“Dr. Fauci should be fired for a lot of reasons, but he should be fired for this,” he said, according to Mediaite. “For this kind of disdain — not for Jim Jordan — but for the 800,000 Ohioans who pay his salary that Jim Jordan represents.”

Fauci’s attitude is “amazing”

Hurt went on to note that he didn’t necessarily “quibble” with somebody like Dr. Fauci being in the position that he is in, in terms of providing advice and expertise in a pandemic, but merely sought to remind him that he worked for the taxpayers — and by extension, the American people’s elected representatives — and should therefore refrain from speaking with “such disdain” in response to legitimate questions.

“I think the American people will forgive mistakes in an unprecedented pandemic like this, people will give a lot of leeway in something like this, but the idea that it is so twisted that Dr. Fauci thinks he can speak like that, and accuse Jim Jordan of ranting because he doesn’t want to answer questions, that’s amazing,” Hurt concluded, according to Mediaite.

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26 Responses

  1. Fauci is a radicle left subversive who should never have had any say in the conduct of the government!

    1. I agree with a hitler complex. He is not acting as a scientist, he is acting as a commie dem shut down machine. Destroying America.

  2. I think that Fauci should be ousted from the paid position he is in right now.
    I mean that he should be fired. He has back peddled, he has told lies, he has demanded that every Citizen in the USA bow down to him. He has made life
    unbearable for so many people and he refuses to acknowledge that he has caused so many people to have Anxiety, Hysteria, and has been highly paid for doing little or nothing for the $400,000 he got from last year being a Government Employee. He needs to be fired from the Government and since he has refused to acknowledge any of his Mistakes and has refused to stop spreading Hysteria, he needs to be dealt with as just another Scientist, who helped the USA combat the virus in the beginning. He should not be getting paid for any of the problems that have ensued from making a mockery of the Science People that worked with him. He thinks now that he is so invaluable to Americans that he can’t be fired. We must back Jim Jordan in his capacity to get rid of Fauci and to not pay any more Tax Money to an over zealous person by continuing to allow him to remain on TV to keep spreading Hysteria. His overreach of his ability has gone on way too long. Congressman Jim Jordan is trying to stop Fauci from becoming a Martyr.
    Lets hope that Congressman Jordan succeeds in ousting Fauci from his High Paid job and Fauci needs to either go back to where he came from or he needs to go someplace else besides Washington to spread his beliefs. Nobody wants to hear him recite his Laurels any more on TV.


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  4. So fire Fauci! He has lied repeatedly to all of us, wants to keep the lockdowns going, feeds the panic rhetoric etc. what is in it for him? BIG BUCKS! He wants to be “ the authority”, so—— he SHOULD answer legitimate questions! The days of “ taking his word for it” are over! We want answers, Jim Jordan was within his rights to ask for clarification, instead of giving viable answers, Fauci was a jerk! Yes—— fire him!

    1. Another amature article with P.T.Barnum headlines that do not reflect the article. Will you people please hire writers with some integrity and get rid of these Jerry Springer calibrator losers.

  5. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Dr. Fauci should be fired. He has been so wrong so many times about this pandemic. Fauci really screwed everything up pretty bad. Fauci is playing politics with this pandemic. Fauci really needs to be fired as soon as possible.

    1. Says you. Maxine Waters is the bully hiding behind her blackness. She should be thrown out of congress and be investigated concerning how she got all her money . God bless Jordan !

  6. The truth is Jordan is a “BULLY” who constantly attacks a witness, giving them no chance to respond before he attacks. He over plays his time and abuses the chairman of any committee. He is like Cruz, loud , abrasive and disliked. Bullies need to be pushed back and truth is the best way to do that. So, Dr. Faucci is a good way to hit him in the mouth, but like most bullies he does not know when to shut up. Thank you Rep. Maxine Waters.

    1. Martin, you drank the demos koolaid. Waters is a loud mouth witch who should shut up. She is the one calling for violence. Maybe you are just like her.

      1. Amen Doris hooker Martin is an idiot, joe Biden and the democrap party do nothing good for our country.

    2. I guess we know whose side you are on and it is apparent it is not the honest tax payers of our once great America until the likes of Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Walters among others. Jim Jordan speaks for us, Mr Faucci defends China! Enough said!!

  7. Martin I think your wrong without Representatives like Jordan who produce facts that Fauci can’t dispute or even attempt to produce evidence to the contrary we would get any truth ever.

  8. fauci is a joke!! He is only in it for the money he is getting from the Washington democrats, gates. soros, obama, clinton, mask makers, hand sanitizer makers, etc to keep the fear going within the American people! If you noticed he was talking totally different when President Trump was in office than he is now! Greed has taken him over now, not the science as they say! H1N1 killed over 2 million Americans and he and obama did nothing about it! A vaccine was added to the flu shot for it a few years later! He really doesn’t care about Americans, only his pocketbook and his power over us!

  9. Never warmed up to this little man, to me he has always come across as shifty and NOT trustworthy; too many times he has changed things and opinions on what should be done or not..He seems very opinionated and arrogant……

  10. Fauci has been wrong so much in my opinion he made the pandemic worse by the things he advised us to do. He is covering his a– as he is involved in the Wuhan lab. He is so full of his own importance, he couldn’t answer Rep. Jordan’s questions so he tried to talk down to him. He needs to remember he is being paid by US taxpayers, he has made a lot of money this past 18 months. He loves going on TV with these fawning left wing commentators, they can’t be called journalists. They don’t ask him any hard questions, they just fawn over him.

  11. He is being paid to keep us under control through the fear tactic.
    He should have been held in contempt or something for the way he spoke to a Representative

  12. Fauci LIES for the GOVERNMENT! That way they can keep use under control!
    The Biden ADMINISTRATION doesn’t know what they are doing so Fauci does their work for them!
    The also works for The WHO & CHINA!

  13. I love that Waters banged her gavel, and told Rep. Jim Jordan to “shut your mouth.” We need to take back the House and remove all these fools from power. Now she’s in Minneapolis, egging on rioters, something that the Chauvin trial judge said might, depending on the verdict, result in grounds for appeal. Some Dems are irritating, but Reps like Maxine are ridiculous. She doesn’t even live in her district.

  14. Given the wishy washy way those at the the CDC and WHO have been since Covid broke out of China they all should be fired and booted from America. Fauci and company can’t seem to get it together on how to stop this Virus. First it was a 90 day lock down next it was masks, social distancing, and 6 months of lock down. Next it was two no three masks and wait for a vaccine to end lock downs. Now there are vaccines and even after getting them they claim we need masks and maybe a third vaccination. They are also saying even with the Vaccine people MUST wear masks. The vaccine won’t cure Covid and it makes those who get it contagious and from News reports it does not provide immunity in many. So what good is the CDC and WHO when they have not a clue about what it will take to get US through Covid???

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