Fox CEO says network will be ‘loyal opposition’ to Biden presidency

The Fox News Channel experienced a dramatic drop in its once-stellar viewership ratings in the aftermath of the 2020 election, but that doesn’t seem to have the network’s top brass too worried.

Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch predicted that the network’s ratings will quickly rebound as Fox News takes on its new role as the “loyal opposition” to President Joe Biden’s administration.

Those remarks from Murdoch came Thursday as part of a Morgan Stanley investors conference call and signaled the direction that Fox News intends to go over the next four years.

Fox to be “loyal opposition” to Biden

NBC News reported that Murdoch pointed to rival networks CNN and MSNBC as proof of how lucrative it can be for a news network to openly oppose a presidential administration, as both networks undoubtedly did during former President Donald Trump’s tenure in office.

“The main beneficiary of the Trump administration from a ratings point of view was MSNBC … and that’s because they were the loyal opposition,” Murdoch said.

“That’s what our job is now with the Biden administration, and you’ll see our ratings really improve from here,” he added.

Network to continue catering to “center-right” audience

Fox News, since its inception in 1996, has long catered to conservatives and Republicans with its coverage, and despite the appearance of a shift toward the center over the past year or two, Murdoch made it clear during the conference call that there are no plans to completely abandon the network’s base of viewers.

“Our audience was disappointed with the election results,” Murdoch said of the post-election ratings decline, NBC reported, though he predicted that the once-high ratings would quickly bounce back to normal levels.

“Seventy-five million people voted for a Republican president, sometimes in spite of his personality at times,” the Fox CEO added. “That’s what we represent. We’re going to stick to the center-right. That’s where our audience is.”

Presidents, pandemics, and TV ratings

The Daily Mail noted that Fox’s ratings did indeed plummet in the wake of the election, even temporarily falling behind rivals CNN and MSNBC for the first time in years. Fox’s ratings have since already begun to climb higher.

Meanwhile, though still trailing far behind the major cable news channels, new conservative networks Newsmax and One America News saw their ratings climb substantially. Both networks, which have billed themselves as alternatives to Fox, could retain a portion of Fox’s lost viewers.

Interestingly, Murdoch wasn’t the only one who raised eyebrows with his comments during the Morgan Stanley conference call. The Hill reported that WarnerMedia CEO Jason Hilar, with oversight of CNN, downplayed concerns that CNN’s ratings would decline in the absence of Trump by stating awkwardly that the coronavirus pandemic was keeping CNN’s viewership numbers up.

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32 Responses

    1. Time will indeed tell how easily the general public can be manipulated: “Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch predicted that the network’s ratings will quickly rebound as Fox News takes on its new role as the “loyal opposition” to President Joe Biden’s administration.”

      1. You should of stayed on point however made an extremely bad decision. I am not optimistic with your change of heart. The news should be unbiased yet it appears like the rest you we more focused on viewership rather than honest news. Now you are paying the price!

        1. Honest News ????? You can’t be serious. Fire Paul Ryan and Fox will excel again. Honest News? I like my oats before they go thru the horse. What are you being fed.

        2. Yes,agree.We are Not as dumb as they think.What FOX DID WITH TRUMP…WE WILL NOT FORGET. WE WILL STAY WITH NEWSMAX.OR AMERICAS VOICE FOR TRUTHS .FOX ,WE WSTCH TUCKER,HANNITY,LAURA ..THEN BYE . Steve is good and a few others.Games not going to work.

    1. Yea they think we will just forget and go on watching them, I hate to tell them but it`s not going to work. We know another CNN affiliate when we see one. They`re going to have to at least hire back Bill Orielly, and let him do his thing they should have never fired him.

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  2. What about Chris Wallace upholding this new direction. He, and Juan Williams, have contributed greatly in our not watching Fox.
    How they can support Biden’s policies is beyond me.

  3. I change stations when Chris Wallace, Juan Williams (tired of all the eye and face movements he makes), and Donna Brazile appear on my TV screen. In my opinion, Wallace and Brazile are racist. How did Brazile get a job on Fox after she gave Hillary the questions during a debate in the 2016 election. Then when Megyan Kelly questioned her about it, she lied about it. Fox News “Fair and Balanced”, I don’t think so!

  4. We were loyal viewers of Fox News…We have left and won’t go back…When they went against President Donald Trump they lost us and I’m sure a lot others…and…A lot of viewers won’t go back…

  5. Murdoch is trying to herd the horses back into the barn after he yelled ‘fire’.

    Don’t bank on it happening. Most have found better, more reliable sources, for their news/information.

    TOO LITTLE AND WAY TOO LATE, YOU WANT PEOPLE BACK? Prove it by firing Chris Wallace, Juan Wannabe and Brazz balls Brazile. That nutcase lies and tells more lies to cover her tracks. She was the final straw. There are a couple others. The bleached blonde from the 0 administration and the ‘nails on the chalkboard voice’ Tarlove should be ditched as well.

    1. Except for Williams, Marlene is right on. Juan provides guaranteed left wing speaking points for balance, but his eye rolling and grimacing is a trait utilized by ALL left wing media guests on ALL stations, and ALL programs; and is an effective distraction and counter point when producers permit it to occur. It’s time for Conservatives to get off their high horse and be a little obnoxious as well.
      Also, Cavuto really belongs on MSNBC. I can see right thru his two faced pretense of balance – it’s sickening. And bring back Lou Dobbs. His and Bartiromo’s dogged determination to uncover Justice Department corruption and election fraud was “priceless”

  6. Never going back to FOX. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Good riddance. BTW MSNBC was never the “loyal” opposition. They were viscous lying hyenas out to destroy President Trump.

  7. Not really since most of the people I know including myself have stopped watching that televised rag all of you morons call news, for at least 15 years. I mean when I am looking for real news Fox is the complete opposite.

  8. The only way I would ever watch Fox again is if they get rid of Chris Wallace and Neal Cavuto . Put Lou Dobbs back on and really work hard to get Pres. Trump or someone with the same policies back in the white House..

  9. Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch, you made a great decision. We will be watching you. Thanks,

  10. Yes, bring back Lou Dobbs! And s— can cavuto ,Williams, Brazille, Ryan, Wallace, and I will consider returning as a viewer! Until such time, I will refrain from viewing Fox, except for Hannity and Carlson and Ingraham. I will continue to watch them.

  11. Murdoch blew it by believing the propaganda by the far left. I used to be a daily Fox News watcher. I don’t watch it anymore except on rare occasions, and clearly I’m not the only one. Too bad Murdoch had to turn so far left.

    1. HIS WIFE ,is a liberal POS,who was bragging on HIS station about being so happy with the walking lying, brain dead ,excuse for prez STEALING the vote.
      I’m sure that her husband is cut ,from the same piece of rotten cloth,

  12. When you fire Donna Brazil’s, Chris Wallace, and Juan Williams, then I will consider watching Fox again, but not until then.

  13. You are so disrespectful, to your faithful conservative viewers, by your actions, of having idiots like c wallace, d brazille, j Williams, & a few others, but you fire LOU DOBBS? ? ? But YOU KEEP p ryan on your board, or where ever the creep is? Why do you like LIARS, CHEATERS, THIEVES, HYPOCRITES, & MURDERERS, BECAUSE THE EVIL DEMONIC DEMON POSSESSED MURDERING DEMOCRATS, BELIEVE IN KILLING OUR HELPLESS PRECIOUS UNBORN & NEWBORN BABIES BY ABORTIONS. UNBELIEVABLE, FOR ANYONE, TO SUPPORT SUCH AN EVIL DEMONIC DEATH, AS AN ABORTION TO A PRECIOUS BABY, GODS CREATIONS. GOD WILL PREVAIL AGAINST ALL THESE EVILS, & ANYONE THAT TRIES TO DESTROY HIS CREATION, IN HIS TIME. I ONLY WATCH HANNITY, TUCKER, LAURA, WATERS, LEVIN, & JUDGE JEANINE, NOW, WHERE AS I USE, TO HAVE FOX ON ALMOST 24/7. I HAVE GONE TO NEWSMAX, & OAN, & YOU NEED, TO CLEAN UP YOUR ACT. You will destroy yourself, the way you are going, you let H Childress go, & kept, 2 not so bright.

  14. Fox will never get me back they will never be fair and balanced when you have liars backstabbers and cheaters. Fire Ryan Brazil cavado Williams and Wallace and I might consider returning and I don’t care if you’re opposition to Biden I want news I want the facts if Biden does something good which I highly doubt I’d like to know about it so I’m not pissed off all the time.

  15. What’s with this change from disloyal opposition to loyal opposition. You dug your hole, Murdoch, don’t look for me to help you climb out of it.

  16. What does that mean. Is it just words to get the ratings up., I suspect so. But we will see. I would hope that it is really true and that they will get rid of all the Trump haters and hire those that really speak the truth.

  17. Bring back Lou Dobbs !!!! Until Wallace, Brazil ,Willams, and Cavueto are gone no fox here. They also need to tell McCallum and Deucy to get over themselves . It also would serve them well to eat some crow and reinstate Bill O’Reilly. One more thing…..get rid of Paul Ryan ASAP !!!!! He is a no good liability !!!

  18. Just wanted to let you know I’m really really tired of every time I go on your site all of these stupid little ads keep popping up while I’m trying to read your information it’s very very annoying and I’m seriously thinking of not reading your comments anymore

  19. This is my first time I have visited your site. I found a lot of interesting stuff in your blog. From the tons of comments on your posts, I guess I am not the only one! keep up the great work.

  20. Hi there Everyone, Thanks for the for the helpful write-up I anticipate reading your internet internet site. I???ê?èll return shortly to look for new articles. Several thanks

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