Fox News cuts ties with commentator over profane tweet about Kamala Harris: Reports

Fox News banned guest star Harlan Z. Hill from its airwaves this week after the conservative commentator made what The Hill described as “vulgar” remarks about California senator and Democratic vice presidential hopeful Kamala Harris.

Hill — who describes himself as a member of the Trump campaign’s advisory board on his social media profiles, as The Hill notes — wrote in a tweet Wednesday evening during Harris’ debate against Vice President Mike Pence that “Kamala Harris comes off as such an insufferable lying b***h.”

“Sorry,” he added, “it’s just true.”

“I’d do it again”

The next day, Fox News confirmed in a statement to Mediaite that Hill would no longer be appearing on any of the network’s platforms. Hill hasn’t shown up on Fox News Channel this year, Mediaite notes, but did make at least a few appearances on Fox Business.

“We have no intention of booking him as a guest on any of our platforms,” Fox said in a statement Thursday, as Mediaite reported.

Hill, for his part, responded to the news by thanking Fox for allowing him to “build a platform,” but he didn’t go so far as to apologize for his profanity-laced tweet.

“I said what everyone is thinking,” Hill told Mediaite, adding that it was “a miracle” that Democrats had managed to find “someone less likable than Hillary Clinton.”

“I did it and I’d do it again,” Hill said of his Wednesday night tweet before launching into a tirade on Harris’ record as a San Francisco’s district attorney and California’s attorney general. “Given the fact that Kamala Harris kept an innocent man on death row until the courts forced her hand, locked up [thousands] of people for simple possession of marijuana and other minor charges, etc., I stand by the statement that she’s an insufferable, power-hungry, smug b***h,” he told Mediaite.

Companies cut ties

Of course, Fox isn’t the only brand that won’t stand for Hill’s propensity to punch down instead of punching back. According to The Hill, “[s]everal companies on Thursday distanced themselves from Hill,” who runs a public relations firm known as Logan Circle Group, “after social media users noted that his firm’s website listed their logos under the banner ‘Trusted by the best,’ giving the impression they were clients.”

Among those companies, The Hill reported, were AT&T and American Airlines. “We have found no record of this person working for us…and he certainly never will in the future,” a Thursday tweet from AT&T read. “We have contacted him and demanded he remove our name and logo from his website.”

American Airlines wrote in a similar tweet that it “won’t tolerate” Hill’s remarks. “We just told Mr. Hill to stop using our name [and] logo,” the airline said, according to The Hill. “He doesn’t represent us [and] never will.”

Indeed, Harris may not have the best record as a prosecutor or as a senator, but remarks like Hill’s only give those on the left more fodder to use in their attempt to paint conservatives as evil and immoral. We can’t stoop to their level.

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