Fox News host says Biden’s gaffes prove he is ‘not in charge’ of his administration

In the wake of his recent behavior in public and ongoing avoidance of unscripted press interactions, President Joe Biden is facing renewed speculation that he is physically or cognitively unfit for the job.

As Fox News Channel personality Steve Hilton said during a segment of The Faulkner Focus on Friday, Biden’s gaffes and stumbles are evidence that he is “not in charge” of the country.

“It’s not just this gaffe”

This week, he referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “president” on Thursday and tripped walking up the steps of Air Force One the next day.

“The capacity of our commander in chief is a vital public issue,” he argued. “It’s not just this gaffe, there’s one of these almost every day where he seems to forget where he is or what he’s doing. He stumbles and mumbles.”

According to Hilton’s perception, the continuous literal and figurative missteps are enough to conclude that he “clearly at the least doesn’t have the energy to do the job.”

“We have an agenda that is completely driven by the power bases within the Democratic party, which is very clear; the government unions, the woke left and of course the permanent bureaucracy pushing for things like going back to the Iran deal,” Hilton added.

Ultimately, he said the evidence adds up to only one explanation about Biden: “He’s not in charge. That’s why this is a massive issue of public importance.”

“What’s really going on here?”

Such opinions are not new, with several prominent pundits speculating that Biden was elected to be a “president in name only,” as Hilton said.

The Democratic nominee ran as a moderate who could restore normalcy in America but critics say he is governing to the far-left faction of his party and is likely not even fully aware of what is going on within his own administration.

America has had ailing presidents in its past, so even if something is wrong, it would not be unprecedented. In total, eight presidents have died while in office including at least two — Franklin D. Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson — who had seriously failing health during their respective terms in the White House.

Nevertheless, there are inherent dangers associated with allowing a physically weak or compromised individual to serve as president. Plus, in the age of technology, it is infinitely more difficult to hide such an issue from the public for long.

Fox News host Sean Hannity expressed similar concerns on his program last month, saying: “Even a few dozen Democrats now are trying to take away the nuclear codes from Joe Biden so it’s not in the hands of just him, one person … and his vice president now holding one on one calls with other world leaders. So what’s really going on here? Who’s in charge? And by the way, should we be concerned?”

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