Will Fox News stand behind Tucker Carlson amid fight with Biden NSA?

According to The Blaze’s Steve Deace, Fox News has a difficult decision to make with regard to its top host, Tucker Carlson. 

The decision that Fox has to make, according to Deace, is whether to stand behind Carlson or not, given his claim that he is being spied on by the National Security Agency (NSA). As we will see, Fox has no easy answer here.


In case you missed it, about two weeks ago now, Carlson made the claim that the NSA was spying on his online communications. Carlson said that he got this information from a whistleblower in the U.S. government and that this whistleblower told him that the agency was planning to leak Carlson’s communications in order to hurt his show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

The NSA issued a statement in response to Carlson’s claim. In that statement, the agency claimed that Carlson is not an “intelligence target.” But, as Carlson subsequently noted, what the NSA did not deny in that statement was that it had read Carlson’s online communications.

Just this week, Carlson made a television appearance on Fox Business, where he claimed that he now has proof that the NSA has been spying on his online communications. He said that a journalist that he talked to knew the contents of one of his emails, emails that no one but Carlson and his executive producer had access to.

Carlson said that “there’s just no possibility that anyone else could have known.” This led him to the conclusion that the NSA leaked the email just as the government whistleblower told him that the agency would.

House Republicans are said to be investigating this whole matter. But, in the meantime, Carlson has been suffering the wraths of critics who have accused him of such things as paranoia.

Fox’s predicament

Deace, in his article, suggested that the way we know that Carlson is telling the truth about being spied on by the NSA is that he is still employed by Fox. But, as Deace noted, Fox “ain’t what it used to be.”

Deace went on to point out that Carlson’s show “goes beyond the trite Team GOP talking points that dominate much of Fox programming,” but Fox has let Carlson continue doing his thing because of the amount of money that Carlson pulls in.

Deace concluded his article by explaining the situation that Fox is in. He argued that Fox has to hold on to Carlson for the time being because “if Tucker is right about being targeted for a take-out and Fox runs him, that is the end of their brand. For they have branded themselves as swamp simps.”

On the other hand, Deace opined that if Carlson crosses a certain line, that he would expect “Fox News to bail,” under the premise that, even without Carlson, viewers will still watch because there is nowhere else for them to go.

We’ll have to keep an eye on this one.

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